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Zuleira Aties leads Carmelitas with 24 points and 8 rebounds (+VIDEO)

Codigalco Carmelitas had an important win this weekend against Uni Tenerife 67 to 61.á

Zuleira Aties had 24 points 8 rebounds and 22 in efficiency in one of the most difficult courts in the League.

Zuleira is having a very good season, averaging 19,7 points 7,4 rebounds and 19,3 in efficiency with 54% from the field and 40,7% in three pointers.

After thirteen games, Zuleira Aties is the third best scorer, eleventh rebounder and seventh best efficiency player in the whole league.

Maaike Klein also had a nice performance with 7 points (and only 1 missed shot) and 6 in efficiency in the 15 minutes that she played.

This round has opened the fight for the fourth position in Group A (Bembibre, Cortegada and Caceres remain solid and with only 2 defeats at the end of the first round).

Ensino┤s defeat in Bembibre brings the fourth loss to Lugo┤s team, being currently persecuted by Uni Tenerife with 5 and Carmelitas and Universitario de Ferrol with 6, making it an intersting fight for the last playoff position with the second round ready to begin.

Zuleira Aties is proving herself again as one of the best players in the competitioná(she also had 18 points 16 rebounds and 33 in efficiency last week against the leader Cortegada) and will keep trying to help her club to reach a playoff position for the first time in their history.

Some of Zuleira Aties best actions as Carmelitas player can be watched in the following video:

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