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Ziomara Morrison, MVP against Perfumerias Avenida with 39p, 18r and 50eff.

Theorically uneven game the one who faced in “El Plantio” Arranz Jopisa Burgos and Perfumerias Avenida in the frame of Federation Cup Final. (Photo: Jairo Manzano (www.burgosdeporte.com)


On one side, Burgos finished last year with a home loss against Ensino that left them in fourth position (tied with  Pio, Ferrol and ADBA) with a 7-4 record.

Perfumerías Avenida, after an incredible start of season has currently a 12-1 record in Spanish 1st division  (defeating Ros Casares but losing in an away game against euroleague Rivas) and in Euroleague has finished the first round as group C leader with 6 wins and 2 losses, losing only against the current Champion, Spartak Moscow and in the difficult court of Vici Aistes Kaunas.  So great numbers for Salmanca in a group where there were other very good teams like Milton-Jones, Viteckova and Whalen´s USK Praha, el Fowles and Augustus’ Galatasaray or Tarbes.

Burgos started strong the game with a 19-14 run. From these 19, 17 came from Ziomara Robison who couldn´t be stopped neither by Sancho Lyttle or Erika de Souza.   Salamanca recovered during the second quarter and despite the injury in this quarter of WNBA star Sancho Lyttle and the three fouls that another WNBA star, Erika de Souza collected defending Ziomara Morrison,  they achieved a partial five point victory at half time (32-37).

After a brilliant third quarter by Burgos despite rotating all of the available players, the home team ended the third quarter with an important seven point lead.
Perfumerias Avenida had again a good start of quarter and when there were just two minutes left, tied the score to 61. However a technical foul and two more free throws had Burgos with a four point lead that finally was enough to win the Cup 72 to 63.
Despite playing against a top level team, the game MVP was Ziomara Morrison, who had an unbelievable performance with 39 points 18 rebounds 9 received fouls and 3/3 from the three point line for total  50 in efficency, season record in both 1st and 2nd division.
So, Ziomara keeps improving step by step thanks to her constant work and passion for basketball.

Even she had a little injury, Ziomara Morrison is also currently averaging 14,5 points 10,4 rebounds and 19,4 in efficiency in 26 minutes per game during the Regular Season games.

ARRANZ JOPISA BURGOS (72): Lucía Pablos (9), Patricia Cabrera (0), Noelia Otero (0), Mónica Garrido (4), Ziomara Morrison (39), Celia Menéndez (8), Begoña Pallardó (3), Farah Suárez (2), Cristina Salinas (5), Vicky Volonaki (2), Ana Peredo (0)

PERFUMERÍAS AVENIDA (63): Silvia Dominguez (0), Alba Torrens (12), Anke de Mondt (7), Sancho Lyttle (1), Erika de Souza (19), Amaya Gastaminza (4), Marta Xargay (2), Anna Montañana (4), Isa Sánchez (6), Laura Gil (8)


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