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Yvonne Turner, FIBA Cup best scorer with 27 points and +33 efficiency

American guard Yvonne Turner continues progressing in Russia and after scoring 18 points and dishing 7 assists in Russian League in the win against Chevakata (with WNBA players Glory Johnson and Jasmine Thomas),  Yvonne was also the top scorer of the week in FIBA Cup with 27 points and +33 efficiency in the win against Sint Katelijne in Belgium.

Her team, Dynamo Novosibirsk is currently in second position with a 3-1 balance and will have the option of getting the first spot if on Thursday they defeat Nantes by more than five points.

Some of the best actions of  Yvonne Turner in Russian PBL (against Ekaterinburg and Chevakata) can be watched in the following videos:

Yvonne Turner is a 1,73m american guard who finished her college career averaging 11,6 points and 3,4 rebounds per game and being the starting point guard for Nebraska, the best team in the strongest conference of the whole NCAA 1st division and 5th best team in United States.

Yvonne´s career began at Millard South High School where she averaged 15,4 points 4,4 rebounds 4,4 assists and 3,7 steals in her senior year, being named All American and receiving more than 20 offers from Division One schools.

Yvonne chose to play for Nebraska and after an adaptation first year, she averaged 8,4 points as sophomore, 12,7 points and 3,4 rebounds in the 2008-09 season as a junior player and had her best season as a senior.

In the 2009-10 season and as a senior player, Yvonne Turner averaged 12,8 points and 3,6 rebounds per game, was named as best defender in the best conference in NCAA 1st division (Big 12), was named in the best five in the conference, was named in the best defensive team in the conference for the third year in a row, and also was the second player in the story of Nebraska who scored more three pointers in a single season (82 three pointers in 32 games) and also led Nebraska to an unforgettable season with a 32-2 balance that took them to the NCAA Tournament where they advanced until the Sweet 16 after beating some records like 30 wins in a row in the strongest conference in United States or a 16-0 balance against teams in the Big 12.

Once her college career was over and after being a candidate to be selected in the 2010 WNBA Draft, Yvonne Turner joined the Bungdaberg Bears in Australian QBL and averaged 22,3 points 6,7 rebounds and 4,2 assists per game, shining against Gold Coast Gliders with 39 points (7/9 three pointers), 14 rebounds and 11 assists.

Yvonne Turner signed with USC Freiburg in the 2010-11 season, averaging 17,3 points 3,7 rebounds 2,3 assists and 2,2 steals, averaging 2 three pointers per game with 52% from the field and 34% in three pointers.

Yvonne leads Freiburg to the German League Final after shining in the semifinal series against Marburg with 28 points per game.

In the 2011 summer, Yvonne Turner returned to the Bundaberg Bears and averaged 25,9 points 6,9 rebounds 5,2 steals and 4,4 assists per game, leading her team to the Championship Final.

Yvonne Turner renewed with Freiburg for the 2011-12 season averaging 15,9 points 3,4 rebounds 2,8 steals and 2,2 assists in just 25 minutes per game, leading her team to the top position in the league.

In the 2012-13 season, Yvonne Turner signed with Dynamo Novosibirks in Russia.


Until 2006: Millard South High School: 15,4ppg 4,4rpg 4,4apg 3,7spg

2006-2007: Universidad de Nebraska (NCAA Div 1): 2,3ppg 1,6rpg in 12min

2007-2008: Universidad de Nebraska (NCAA Div 1): 8,4ppg

2008-2009: Universidad de Nebraska (NCAA Div 1): 12,7ppg 3,4rpg

2009-2010: Universidad de Nebraska (NCAA Div 1): 12,8ppg 3,6rpg

2010: Gundaberg Bears (Australia, QBL): 22,3ppg 6,7rpg 4,2apg

2010-2011 USC Freiburg (Germany-D1): 17.3ppg 3.7rpg 2.3apg 2.2spg  T2: 52% T3: 37% 

2011: Bundaberg Bears (Australia-QBL):  25.9ppg 6.9rpg 4.4apg 5.2spg

2011-2012 USC Freiburg (Germany-D1):  15.9ppg 3.4pg 2.2apg 2.8spg

2012-2013 Dynamo Novosibirsk (Russia-D1)


Best player in steals Big 12 Conference 2007
Best Defensive Team in Big 12 Conference 2008,2009,2010
Big 12 Conferencia Regular Season Champion 2010
Big 12 Tournament Semifinalist 2010
Big 12 Conference First Team 2010
Defensive Player of the Year Big 12 Conference 2010
WNBA Draft Candidate 2010
NCAA Sweet 16 2010

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