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Yurena Diaz will play Spain in the World 3x3 Moscow

Canary point guard Yurena Díaz, has been called by the Spanish Basketball Federation to represent Spain in the World Cup 3x3, to be held in Moscow from 5 to 8 June.

This announcement will reach Yurena Díaz after a great season with the Gran Canaria 2014 in which he averaged 10.1 points and +8.2 valuation being semifinalist League and Cup.

A Yurena Díaz will accompany the Spanish team players Vanessa Ble, Anna Gomez y Amaya Gastaminz. As a coach you will coach Anna Junyer.

The playoffs will begin on day 5 and the Spanish will face Argentina and Ukraine the same day. For 6th anticipated games will be against Hungary, Brazil and the United States.

If the Spanish team gets past the first round, day 7 crossings would be to dispute the grand finale on June 8.

Yurena Díaz tells his feelings this season and this call with the Spanish team:

A few weeks since the end of the league, how do you rate the great Gran Canaria 2014 season?

I think I can say it has been the best season I've lived as women's league player. Having made it to playoffs after so many years, and with such a young and inexperienced team shows that hard work pays off, and I'm very happy to have played with both the playoffs as the Queen’s Cup.

After last year you finished your selections by step training will follow a year representing Spain, this time in the World 3x3 how do you see the opportunity?

I think something important and motivating, it's my first full summer without competitions, and who count on me to return to represent my country in a global competition fills me with hope.

What do you expect from this tournament?

I hope we win that's for sure, but most of our enjoyment and that we do our best in Moscow.

In 2011 you played and won the World U18 3x3. What are the differences between the 3x3 and the conventional basketball?

It is a different experience, very funny. You have a coach who gives you instructions as disputes the parties. Just playing, having fun and discover another way to play this. Everything is different, play time, play space and some standards, but I think it is something that everyone who plays this sport should try.

In the following video you can see some of the best action Yurena Diaz in the 2013-14 season:

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