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Yurena Diaz, Tania Pérez and Georgina Bahí with Spain in the pre-European 3x3

Team Spain deluxe 3x3 for pre-European in Holland with the point guard Yurena Díaz, the guard Tania Pérez and post Georgina Bahí between its components. The appointment will be in the Netherlands from July 19.

The team that competed in the World 3x3 which was already Yurena Díaz will incorporate the Catalan players Tania Pérez and Georgina Bahí, who after completing both a great season with their teams, they are rewarded with the presence in the team.

Then Yurena Díaz, Tania Pérez and Georgina Bahí tell us about their presence in the Championship.

First summer without competition Teams, What is the best memory you have of those years?

I could not specifically highlight one above the other, but I guess that I remember most fondly is the European Turkey, to get the gold, the host team win at junctions and that was the last one with my generation.

Repeat national team after the World Cup 3x3 What do you expect from this tournament?

I wish it was just as fun as the previous two, and we can qualify for the European to live in September.

How is the 3x3 basketball?

It is a different experience, very funny. You have a coach who gives you instructions as disputes the parties. Just playing, having fun and discover another way to play this. Everything is different, play time, play space and some standards, but I think it is something that everyone who plays this sport should try.


A few years ago we already finished your selections by step training this year to represent Spain again, this time with the Selection 3x3, how do you see the opportunity?

When I received the news did not believe me. I was speechless. Without hesitation an incredible opportunity that I'll make every second count.In looking forward to the day to enjoy working!I am very grateful for this award!

What differences do you think there is between the 3x3 and the conventional basketball?

It is a much faster, intense game, you can not throw. With seconds to build the attack but with more space and less support. Allows much the game without the ball and 1v1 situations to attract defense and let shots released.

What is your experience in this type of game?

Honestly, the experience in training during the year. In summer, when the league game with a 3x3 friends but will not be level and the requirement that we will just play in July.


After a successful spell selections of training a few years ago, do you remember that time?

It was a nice time as it got many championships and good jobs, and that always leaves a good impression. It was also a nice time because we were a very tight group, then worked a lot and this was rewarded with championships all we got.

You never wear the shirt of Spain again, this time with the Selection 3x3, how do you see the opportunity?

I think it's very good chance and that is another way to compete with the national team with this new method of 3x3. It is a great opportunity to continue to grow, to continue to live new experiences. Eager to dispute it.

What characteristics do they have the players to succeed in this type of game?

I think you have to be fast players who read the game, players who are fully concentrated on the game while it lasts, and players with great offensive and defensive aggressiveness and games that are very short lived. So you have to be fighting all the time and trying to give my best every time.

Players who make the team will be Yurena Díaz point guard of Gran Canaria, Tania Pérez guard of Cadi-ICG Software, Amaya Gastaminza eave of Conquero CB and Georgina Bahí center of Ciudad de Burgos.

Ana Junyer be the coach, with Nuria Herranz as medical.

The selection will focus on Barcelona on July 17 and will travel to Amsterdam (Netherlands) the next day. To start racing on 19 July. Their rivals are: Andorra, Belgium, Greece, Holland, Italy, Poland and Sweden.

The European will be held from 5 to 7 September in Bucharest (Romania).

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