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Yurena Diaz, Itziar Llobet and César Rupérez win the Gold Medal in the U20

Yurena Díaz, Itziar Llobet and César Rupérez have just won the Gold Medal in the U20 Women European Championship held in Samsun after beating Italy 59 to 53 in the Final.

Yurena Díaz has been the Final´s Top Scorer with 16 points and has avearged 9.7 points and 2.9 rebounds in 25 minutes per game during the Championship.

Itziar Llobet has been the second best scorer for Spain in the Final with 10 points and the best player in (+/-) with 14, having her best game in the key moment in the Tournament.

For Spanish Coach César Rupérez this is her third consecutive Gold Medal in U20 European Championship.

Spanish U20 National Team has been unbeaten during the whole tournament, starting in the first stage with wins against Poland (60-29), Slovakia (62-52) and Greece (75-49).

Same in the second stage defeating Belarus (83-72), Serbia (71-46) and Netherlands (60-39).

After brilliantly finishing the qualifying part in the 1st position, Spain repeated last year Final against Russia in Quarterfinals, destroying the Russian team 78-45.

In the Semifinals and probably against the other best team in the Tournament, host Turkey, and after a very hard game,  Anna Caula´s players managed to reach the Final in a game that was decided in the last minutes (57-51).

Italy was the rival in the Final, after a very good tournament where they showed very good level and competitiveness and was also a tough oponent to beat.

At half time, Italy was leading 28 to 25 but a spectacular defense in the third quarter, that locked Italy to just 1 point in 8 minutes and the appearance of Itziar Llobet with 2 three pointers in critical moments gave Spain a big lead that they would keep until the end of the Final.

Yurena Díaz played her last Championship with Spanish National Youth Teams after collecting FOUR gold medals (2008,09,10,13) and after being the Spanish squad starting point guard, averaging 9.7 points in 25 minutes per game.

Yurena has also been the fourth player with more three pointers made in the Championship and the 5th best 3 point percentage with 37.5%.

Itziar Llobet has been the team´s 6th player, averaging 19.7 minutes per game from Quarter Finals with her maximum, 23, in the Final against Italy where she was the 2nd best scorer in the gold-winning team, adding also 2 rebounds and 3 assists.

César Rupérez completes a perfect season, after also winning the Chinese Championship along with  Lucas Mondelo.  This is her third consecutive U20 Gold Medal.

Some of the best actions in the Final can be watched in the following video:

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