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Ylenia Manzanares renew in CD Zamarat

The Shooting guard Ylenia Manzanares renewal signed by the Club Deportivo Zamarat for next season 2014/15, in which the zamoran club live its fourth year in Spanish Women's League.

Ylenia Manzanares, team captain Zamora signed his best season in the top division averaging 9.1 points, 10.1 rebounds, 2.1 assists and +17.6 valuation being the sixth most popular and first -ranked player offensive rebounds.

A season finale Ylenia Manzanares received a call from the Spanish Federation to participate with the team in the Women's League Challenge LF2 LF- streaked where also high.

Then Ylenia Manzanares talks about his season and its renewal:

How do you rate last season Zamora Food?

It was a tough season as negative dynamic results led us to be fighting until the last day to get salvation when we had equipment to be higher. But the good news is that the team never came down, stayed together and we daily work led us to achieve the goal. In difficult times is when you learn and you give them double the value.

Did you expect this performance on your return to LF? How did you feel during the season?

The truth is not expected to make the numbers I got but from the outset both the club and the people of Zamora has treated me great and it made me feel very comfortable apart from having played there before and knew many things and adaptation was much faster.
Overall I felt great, had a few months to enjoy the injuries prevented me to 100x100. It was nothing serious but it was very annoying and did not allow me to play without pain but that is forgotten. Besides all the effort was worth it after beating Zaragoza with our audience and get salvation. At the time I got to release all the tension in him.

What led you to renew CD Zamarat in what will be a third season with them?

I feel very comfortable in Zamora and that's important when playing. Apart is a club that makes you very easy things and try to only worry about the players we play and that is welcome.

Been a few weeks ago in the LF- LF2 Challenge, how was that experience?

It was fun and allowed me to enjoy inside and outside the track with great players. Anything promote women's basketball is a good idea and hopefully keep doing FEB.

You can get to know Ylenia Manzanares watching the video below with some of the best actions of the 2013-14 season:

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