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Yaiza García signs with CB Al-Qazeres

The power forward Yaiza García play in Spanish Women's League after signing with the team CB Al-Qazeres Extremadura for next season 2014/15, in which the Extremaduran team debut in the Women's League.

In the 2013-14 season, Yaiza García played with Duran Maquinaria Ensino where he averaged 13.1 points and 6 rebounds in 24 valuation 14.2 minutes per game during the regular season (19 wins 3 losses) and the ascent phase averaged 12.3 points 6.7 rebounds and 10.7 valuation in 23 minutes per game.

Then Yaiza García talks about his season and joining the CB Al-Qazeres:

How do you rate last season with Duran Machinery Ensino?

As a team last season was very good, we were quite attuned and it showed on the court. We were not the best team in the league but when the parties, we gave everything, and I think that was reflected throughout the season where we were only resisted a large Al-Qazeres in both games and defeat unexpected in Avilés.

Personally, fulfilled the objectives set by the coach, the question was whether it entailed win and that should help the team with defense or other things was as well, because that's why this is a team sport.

Ascent Phase ... We failed to win any game, but we always try to give everything. That no one could blame us. Also in the last game we played with sick players on court.

But still, I'm wearing my good memories of a great team because although we could not achieve the goal of promotion yes I was very pleased to have been a great season sharing great moments playing what one has as a passion. The sum as a season to remember.

After two great years with Duran Machinery Ensino Lugo has decided to step up in grade and accept the offer of CB Al-Qazeres to play in the Spanish top division. Looking back, how has all this time in Lugo?

My Ensino two seasons have been very good. He's a great club where I feel at home me and always were very good to me.

As players we have had at all times the support of members of the board, who are great people who always have been interested in us.

I do not want to forget my very great teammates, plus coach and assistant coach.

And we have supported from outside much, Peña although they were few were loud, every day seemed about engaging more people.

I can only say good things about them, for me as a club have been a ten. Feel at home in such a cold place, coming from Canary's complicated, but to have them all the days have been so much more bearable.

I've grown as a player and person, and I think part of "guilt" is theirs.

After six seasons in LF2, you've become one of the inner reference category, how have you evolved as a player over the years?

I think every year past have taken a step further. When I started playing in Liga Femenina 2 was a player who was used to get my points, get my rebounds and little else. It was quite irregular and my defense was not anything special ...

I think I have gradually been taking more and more confident, I have done my stuff and always offering me better I've gotten to be more regular and contribute to the team as he has been missing.

On the one hand, that I am in good condition and correct it sure helps but it's important to accept my role within each team I have ever been and attempt to fulfill my role. Helping the team we help ourselves.

Besides, I still consider myself a young player with room for improvement and willing to learn and I still train every day to continue contributing more to the team in which he is. I've become a pretty competitive person, always giving what you can, just working and working, which I think is the key to everything in life.

Your debut was with the Women's League C. B. Canary Islands during 07/08 season. How do you face the challenge of returning to the top flight after six years?

It is true that my debut was with the Canary Islands but fortunately now the situation is different since then was very young and inexperienced and my participation in tennis was virtually testimonial.

Now is however different in that I have improved as a player and I know that I will fight to try to get a role in the Al-Qazeres CB.

Obviously with humility and enthusiasm but I have really wanted to keep improving as a player and as a person and to help the team win many more victories possible in which it is also the debut of the club in Women's League.

What has led you to sign with Al-Qazeres CB?

My idea was to play in Women's League, because I think I'm in a phase of my career is a good time to try.

The club has given me the opportunity to be part of his staff, have told me they have the project, which also I know several players to face against them.

It is a club that has spent two years fighting to be on top and has got its own right, with lots of enthusiasm and excitement. I have these same goals so I hope to enjoy a lot this season and achieve the goals that the club is dialed.

How do you see the new project in Women's League team in its debut in the top flight?

Looking forward, with great enthusiasm and I think that that will earn much more as a team.

Hopefully we can get along everyone, that after all is what makes a team great. The better team is, the better things will turn out.

To give everything, that's how it goes one better, and compete at the highest level of demand putting all of us. Will achieve the objectives that are marked with Passion!

You can learn more about Yaiza García watching the following video with some of the best stocks of the 2013-14 season:

Last season Yaiza García scored 27 points to +36 valuation Café Barco GBP. Full match:

Yaiza García played for Magic Tias until the 2006-07 season.

One year later, Yaiza García signed with  Islas Canarias where she had her debut in 1st Division.

In the 2008-09 season, Yaiza García signed with Isla Tenerife, averaging 7,6 points 3,6 rebounds and 7,1 in efficiency in 16 minutes per game.

Yaiza García stayed in the same team during the 2009-10 season, averaging   11,7 points and 6,3 rebounds per game, becoming one of the best spanish post players in the league.

In  the 2010-11 season, Yaiza García signed with Uni CajaCanarias where she averaged 6,3 points and 4,1 rebounds in 14 minutes per game, qualifying for the Playoffs to 1st division where she averaged 6,3 points and 5 in efficiency in 14 minutes.

Yaiza García took a big step in her devolepment during the 2011-12 season, averaging 14,6 points 7,4 rebonds and 14,2 in efficiency per game with Aguere.

Yaiza García is the second spanish post player in the league both in scoring, rebounding and efficiency.

Yaiza García signed against  Valladolid with 32 points 7 rebonds and 33  in efficiency,  Ourense with 23 points 10 rebounds and 24 in efficiiency or 22 points 8 rebonds and 23 in efficiency against Bembibre.

In the 2012-13 season, Yaiza García signed with Ensino Lugo, averaging 15.7 points 7.5 rebounds and 17.5 efficiency per game, qualifying for Playoffs to 1st division.

In the 2013-14 season, Yaiza García returned to Lugo and to the Playoffs to 1st division after averaging 13.1 points 6 rebounds and 14.2 efficiency in 24 minutes per game during the regular season (19 wins 3 losses) and 12.3 points 6.7 rebounds and 10.7 efficiency in 23 minutes per game during the playoffs.


Until 2007:  Magec Tías

2007-2008: C.B. Islas Canarias (Spain-LF1)

2008-2009:  C.B. Isla de Tenerife (Spain-LF2): 7.6ppg 3.6rpg en 16min

2009-2010:  C.B. Isla de Tenerife (Spain-LF2):  11.7ppg 6.3rpg 10.2 val en 28min

2010-2011:  C.B. Uni Tenerife (Spain-LF2):  6.3ppg 4.1rpg en  14min

2011-2012:  C.B. Isla de Tenerife (Spain-LF2):  14.6ppg 7.4rpg 14.2val

2012-2013: Ensino Lugo (Spain-LF2): 15.7ppg 7.5rpg 17.5eff

2013-2014: Ensino Lugo (Spain-D2): 13.1ppg 6rpg 14.2eff in 24mpg (Regular Season) / 12.3ppg 6.7rpg in 23mpg in Playoffs

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