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www.regenerasms.com, a new sms web service with low cost

www.regenerasms.com has been created for both individual users and for entities, clubs or companies so that they can communicate on a massive scale activities, to convene meetings or notify ads in a more inexpensive, quickly and effective than through traditional means.


www.regenerasms.com (you can change the language of this website to english in the right top of the page) is a project jointly conducted by Regeneracom, communication and marketing consultancy, and Ecommerce platform for mobile services and that so far offers to send sms to groups with website at a cost lower than that of the incumbent.

www.regenerasms.com is a platform designed for both individual users and for businesses, which allows bulk mailings and frequent messages to mobiles at a reduced cost (more than 200 countries).

This is a fact already evident that the percentage of the communication is read by the target audience is up 7 times compared with an sms with an e-mail, letter, advertising posters or advertisements in media, according to various studies companies specializing in direct marketing.

In addition, this system will produce a significant reduction in cost and time spent to replace phone calls or letters per sms, in addition to providing a direct and personal communication with the customer or user.

www.regenerasms.com is a programmable tool to automate the send and whose registration is free (only paid for the volume of SMS sent). In addition, users of professional profile can market the service through the same tool to their customers and users and earn an income atypical thereby becoming distributors of the platform, because it will be adapted to your brand (for more information about it you can send an e-mail to info@regeneracom.com).

With www.regenerasms.com can make in a cost-effective, fast and effective sends of offers (monthly, fortnightly, weekly, etc ...), communication activities, shipments of budgets, changes in the prices of their products, advertising for your company to a much more competitive and effective than the other channels of communication or contract or reservation confirmations, among many other possibilities.

You can see all the information (rates for users and professional standards, countries that can make deliveries, help the user manual) in www.regenerasms.com

Will also soon launch the service www.regenerasms.com SMS premium, which will generate polls, chats, alerts viewers to media, contests and other features to our professional clients, so that they can market and earn an income by this concept.

See pdf file with more information www.regenerasms.com

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