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Tyra White signs with RegeneracomSports

Versatile guard Tyra White has just signed with RegeneracomSports, joining our agency for the next seasons.

Tyra White was the 16th pick in 2012 WNBA Draft, selected by Los Angeles Sparks after a brilliant career at Texas A&M where she was NCAA Champion in 2011 scoring 18 points and the crucial shots both in the Semifinals and the Finals in the NCAA.

This last season, Tyra has averaged 16.9 points and 6.4 rebounds with 61% from the field with Dynamo Kiev, winning also the Ukranian League.

Tyra´s career started at Hickman Mills High School where she averaged 18.5 points 10 rebounds 4 assists 3 steals and 3 blocks and was selected as McDonald´s All American.

After that, and as one of the top recruits in the nation, Tyra played for Texas A&M, averaging 10.6 points and 4.1 rebounds per game already in 2009-10.

In the 2010-11 season and as a junior, Tyra White won the NCAA Championship, being also named Big 12 and Final Four First Team, after a great season in which she averaged 13.8 points and 5.1 rebounds with 40% from the 3 point line.

Tyra scored 18 points and the crucial basket in the Semifinals against Stanford and also 18 points and the crucial basket in the Final against Notre Dame.

In the 2011-12 season, Tyra White averaged 13.1 points and 5.6 rebounds per game and was again named in the Big 12 First Team prior to being drafted by the Los Angeles Sparks with the 16th pick in the WNBA Draft.

Tyra started her professional career in September 2012, signing in Puerto Rico with the Atleticas de San Germán and averaging 16.2 points 6.5 rebounds and 2.7 assists per game.

From there she moved to Ukraine, where she won the championship with Dynamo Kiev, avergaing 16.9 points and 6.4 rebounds per game with 61% from the field.

Some of her best actions can be watched in the following video:


2008-2009: Texas A&M (NCAA):  5.2ppg, 2.4rpg, FGP: 39.5%, 3Pts: 26.3%, FT: 60.0%

2009-2010: Texas A&M (NCAA):  10.6ppg, 4.1rpg, 1.2apg, FGP: 52.7%, 3PT: 38.4%, FT: 68.8%

2010-2011: Texas A&M (NCAA):  13.8ppg, 5.1rpg, 1.7apg, 1.1spg, FGP: 49.4%, 3PT: 39.3%, FT: 62.4%

2011-2012: Texas A&M (NCAA):  13.1ppg, 5.6rpg, 1.7apg, 1.0spg, FGP: 41.2%, 3PT: 26.2%, FT: 58.8%

2012: drafted by Los Angeles Sparks (WNBA, 2rd(16)

2012: In September signed at Athleticas de San German (Puerto Rico-BSNF):  16.2ppg, 6.5rpg, 2.7apg, FGP-3(51.2%), 3PT: 9.1%, FT: 58.6%

2012-2013: Dynamo-NPU Kyiv (Ukraine-Higher League):  16.9ppg
, 6.4rpg, 1.3apg, FGP-1(61.0%), 3PT-3(40.0%), FT: 75.8%


Big 12 Tournament Winner -08, 10
Big 12 Tournament Finalist -09, 11, 12
NCAA Sweet 16 -09
Big 12 All-Tournament Team -10, 11
Big 12 Regular Season Runner-Up -11
All-Big 12 1st Team -11, 12
NCAA Champion -11
Big 12 Regular Season Co-Runner-Up -12
NCAA Sweet 16 -12
Latinbasket.com All-Puerto Rican BSNF Honorable Mention -12
Ukrainian Higher League Regular Season Champion -13
Ukrainian Higher League Champion -13
Eurobasket.com All-Ukrainian Higher League 1st Team -13

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