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Tiina Sten renewed with Wasserburg

The Finnish power forward 1.88-meter Tiina Sten has renewed its contract with Wasserburg, where he has won the last two championships in Germany.

Tiina Sten, achieved during last season averaging 9.2 points while playing 22 minutes per game, but with a crucial role in both League and Cup 2014 where he completed an excellent success rate of 41% in triples.

In FibaCup averaged 7.3 points and 3.5 rebounds in the 25 minutes he was on track.

This summer Tiina Sten has been involved with Finland in the first round of the qualifying round for the 2015 European Championship, where he averaged 5 points and 4 rebounds per game.

In the 2013/14 season highlights Tiina Sten to Osnabruck with 17 points, 13 points and +17 rating to Saarlouis and 17 points against Rhein MB.

With its renewal, Wasserburg has almost become a second home for Tiina Sten shown delighted to return to the city in southeastern Germany as it is in love with the atmosphere of the club, the city and its fans to qualifying of great.

Bastian Wernthaler coach Tiina Sten these two seasons in Wasserburg is delighted with renewal and progression Tiina Sten under him and is confident that this next season in the team weight will increase.

You can watch a game of Tiina Stenlast season with Wasserburg at Osnabruck in scoring 17 points:

Tiina Sten´s career began at Turun Riento where she averaged 18,8 points and 7,8 rebounds per game in the 2003-04 season.

From Finland, Tiina Sten joined St John´s University in 2004, averaging 12,5 points and 4,5 rebounds per game in her junior year and 7,4 points and 3,6 rebounds in 23 minutes per game in her senior year, when St John´s reached the NIT Elite Eight.

In the 2008 summer, Tiina is invited to the Los Angeles Sparks training camp.

Tiina Sten signs with Caja de Canarias in Spanish 1st division in the 2008-09 season, averaging 4,3 points and 2,4 rebounds in 15 minutes per game in League and 10,5 points and 3,1 rebounds in 24 minutes per game in FIBA Cup, shining against Ivezic , Vrsaljko and Carla Thomas´s Gospic with 20 points and 7 rebounds.

Tiina Sten signs with Mann Filter in the 2009-10 season, averaging 8,1 points in 16 minutes per game in FIBA Cup and 3,8 points per game in Spanish 1st division, reaching the league semifinal.

Tiina Sten has also played for the different Finnish national teams.

She averaged 12,8 points and 11 rebounds per game in the 2001 U16 European Championship and had her best performance in the U20 European Championship Division A in 2005 where she averaged 21,4 points and 9,4 rebounds per game, including 23 points and 6 rebounds against Gomis and Lepron´s France, 28 points and 14 rebounds against Greece and 33 points and 33 points and 16 rebounds against Marginean´s Romania.

After having her debut with Finnish Senior National Team in 2005, Tiina Sten averaged 14,4 points and 4,4 rebounds in the Qualifying Round for the 2009 European Championship , shining with 28 points and 10 rebounds against Bosnia or 16 points and 7 rebounds against Turkey and Italy.

In the 2010 summer, Tiina Sten averaged 13,4 points and 4 rebounds per game in the Qualifying for the 2011 European Championship, having her best game against Bulgaria with 22 points and 7 rebounds.

In the 2010-11 season, Tiina Sten signs with Panionios, in Greek 1st division, and averages 11,4 points and 6,5 rebounds per game.

Tiina Sten returned to Spain in the 2011-12 season, signing with Sedis Cadí where she averages 2,8 points in 11 minutes per game.


2003-2004: Turun Riento (Finland – D1): 18.8ppg 7.8rpg

2004-2005: St.John´s (NCAA D1)

2005-2006: St.John's (NCAA D1):  4.1ppg, 1.9rpg en 14min

2006-2007: St.John's (NCAA D 1): 12,5ppg 4.5rpg

2007-2008: St.John's (NCAA D 1):  7.4ppg, 3.6rpg, 1.2bpg in 23min

2008-2009: Gran Canaria La Caja de Canarias (Spain – LF1): EuroCup:  10.5ppg, 3.1rpg; Spanish League :  4.3ppg, 2.4rpg

2009: Qualifying Round  European Championship: 14.3ppg 4.4rpg 1.0apg 1.6spg

2009-2010: Mann Filter Zaragoza (Spain – LF1): Spanish League: 3.8ppg; EuroCup: 8.1ppg, 1.9rpg, 1.1spg, FGP: 46.3%, 3PT-3(60.0%), FT: 52.9%

2010-2011: Forssan Alku (Finland - D1): 16ppg (1 game)

2010-2011: Panionios (Greece – A1): 11.4ppg 6.5rpg

2011: Qualifying Round  European Championship: 13.4ppg 4.0rpg

2011-2012: Sedis Cadí (Spain-LF1): 2.8ppg 1.6rpg in 11min

2012-2013: Wasserburg (Germany-D1): 7.7ppg 3.2rpg in 20min  FIBA Cup: 8ppg 3rpg

2013-2014: Wasserburg (Alemania-D1): 9.2ppg 2.7rpg in 22min   FIBA Cup: 7.3ppg 3.5prg


Junior Scandinavian Championship MVP – 02
Finnish 1st Division MVP - 03
Finnish U18 National Team -02
U18 European Championship -02
U20 Finnish National Team-04-05
U20 European Championship -04
U20 European Championship -05
Second round NCAA Championship-06
Finnish National Team -05-06, 08-10
MVP Scandinavian Championship for Women, 08
NIT Elite Eight -08
Spanish League Semifinalist -10
German League Champion -13 -14

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