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Tiina Sten and Nicole Romeo won the German Cup

Wasserburg's team, coached by Bastian Wernthaler and home of our players Tiina Sten y Nicole Romeo, have achieved the victory in the German Cup after beating the powerful Rhein-Main Baskets team by 97-63 in the final.

Wasserburg eliminated in the semifinal the former champion Herner, one of the toughest opponents in this battle to conquer the Cup, by 74-62. They proclaimed last Sunday champions of the German tittle.

Tiina Sten y Nicole Romeo both performed with a great defense intensity and game pace. Tiina with 8 points and 3 rebounds in the semifinal and 13 points in the final, as well as Nicole with 8 points in the final, sum up into the victories of their team.

Wasserburg, which is one of the four teams qualified, between German Cup is disputed; count on a great national level. For example, Finland Tiina Sten who plays within team for two years and the Australian with Italian passport Nicole Romeo, who plays for first season.

Bastian's team not only comes undefeated to the fight tittle, but also won in the semifinal against former champions Herner, taking away the chance to proclaim again champion. Herner, which was one of the teams with bigger potential of the tournament, lost in the semifinal by 74-62 in front of thousands of viewers who came to the match.

This way Wasserburg qualifited to the final facing Rhein-Main Baskets, who won by 88-71 again Osnabrück in the other semifinal.

Fiy will try again, for second years, to win the title.nally, Wasserburg achieved the victory by 97-63 and the German Cup in MCG arena, getting their first big tittle of the season. This gives them strength to the beginning of play off, in which the

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