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Tiina Sten and Marlou De Kleijn have been crowned the German Cup Champions

Tiina Sten and Marlou De Kleijn with their TSV 1880 Wasserburg, have been crowned German Cup Champions after winning the Final against Rutronik Stars Keltern (64-85).

Tiina joined Wasserburg in the 2012-13 season and since then she has helped convert her team into the strongest of Germany, with amazing results and winning three Cups and three Leagues in a row.

TSV 1880 Wasserbug also has Marlou De Kleijn as a key player, averaging 14.2 points, 2.8 assists and 1.5 steals in 25 minutes per game and in the German Cup Final, she had an outstanding performance again with 17 points.

This current year with contributions from both players, they have already won the SuperCup, the Cup and Wasserburg remains the only undefeated squad in the German DBBL.

Congratulations to both!

We speak with Tiina Sten after her victory against Rutronik Stars Keltern:

Tiina, after having a record of 4 wins in 4 games in the German Cup and defeating Rutronik Stars Keltern at the Final by more than 20 points. What is your impression of this Cup and how did your team play it?

It is funny to say when winning the Championship by over 20 points that we still didn't play our best the whole time, but when needed we were there.

The Cup was this year very good competition with all teams in the Final 4 being good level, but we won with our routine and so many players contributing.

Rutronik Stars Keltern is a strong team who is also qualified for the DBBL playoffs and has as key contributors Magali Mendy, Ashlee Guay and Mara Hjelle. What were the keys for winning the game?

I think the key was when after struggling the first quarter we started to play as a team, even when we have great individual players but when we play together offense and especially defense it's very hard to play against us.

The Final was equal until the beginning of third quarter when your team made the difference and ended up winning easily. What was your favourite moment of the game?

I would say the 3rd quarter when we really pulled the lead and playing started to look so easy, every player was doing their part and we had a good rhythm.

And of course the most favourite moment is when the buzzer goes off and you can celebrate!

A few hours after achieving the 2016 German Cup and with time to come to terms with this important win, how does it feel after winning your third German Cup in a row?

I'm of course very happy to win the cup third time in the row, but now the main focus is already on the playoffs that start this weekend (to win my 4th German championship).

So we don't have so much time to celebrate, but for the club and the fans it is great and they are celebrating this long time.

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