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Three coaches who already know their future 08-09

Chus Fernandez, who will be assistant coach in LEB 2 with CB Prat and will train the CB Prat "B"; Cristobal López, assistant coach to the CB Viladecans of EBA League, and Juan Carlos Arrarte, coach of 1st National Women's Division of Akra Leuka, already know what benches occupy the season 08-09.


Chus Fernandez arrives at CB Prat from CB Viladecans of EBA, since next year will occupy another of the coaches Regeneracom, Cristóbal López. For his part, Juan Carlos Arrarte continue another year as sports director of the CBF Akra Leuka, the club also will train the team 1st National Women's Division, which promote with him on the bench.

Chus Fernandez, senior basketball coach born in 1972, in the 2007-2008 season was the assistant coach of CB Viladecans in EBA League.

Fernandez returned to Viladecans after being the first coach of a team training, such as CB Cornellà "B" in the 06-07 season, and after one step away from achieving promotion to EBA League with the same in Viladecans the season 05-06.

During his early years of coach, combine this task with the player, where in the position of shooting guard came to play in the former 2nd National Division until he retired in the 2001-2002 season after being titled as coach higher to FEB in 2000.

He has been head coach of CB Prat and coordinator of CB Viladecans, and has the privilege of having achieved a record that few technicians possess in Catalonia in senior category (all matches to win a league regular, 34 consecutive victories, with CB Viladecans "B" in 3rd Catalan Division in the 2003-2004 season). 

Cristóbal López, new assistant coach in CB Viladecans (EBA League)
Cristóbal López has been one of the coaches classic teams of recent seasons formation of CB Cornellà, one of the most prestigious of Catalonia in this field.

López also has successfully led this season 2007-2008 to CB Cornellà "B" team with which he has achieved third place in Group 1 of 1st Catalan Division and has achieved promotion to Division 1st National "Copa Catalunya".

Previously, most remarkable success as a technician is third place in the Catalan Championship Junior "B" with the generation of 89 of CB Cornellà, surpassing the classification in the same generation of DKV Joventut.

Juan Carlos Arrarte continues in Akra Leuka
Juan Carlos Arrarte is a senior coach who bid by a line constructivist learning, and he thinks in a medium-long term work with players.

Since March 2005 is sports director of one of the leading teams of Valencia Community women's basketball, as is the CBF Akra Leuka.

As assistant to the women cadet of CBF Akra Leuka succeeded finish fourth in the Spanish Championship club of 1999 and 2000, while as a coach in 2007 finished third in the stage disputed in Arganda del Rey.
In his career as senior coach, this last season has led to the CBF Akra Leuka upon his return to 1st National Division.

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