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Three champions in Women Catalan League 2 with Fem Sant Adrià

Lluís Túnez, as assistant coach, and Olga Ruano and Cristina Garcia, as players, have been champions of Women Catalan League 2 with the Femení Sant Adrià, after beated in the final to Argon Uni Girona by 74-54. The team led by Iván Torinos is champion of this competition for third consecutive time.


Cristina Garcia is a 1'83 forward that can occupy any of the three interchangeably external positions.

Cristina has one of the best stops and shot in Spain, may also face as much break to post smaller forwards, the qualities that a good defensive capability and advance. Despite his age, born in 1984, Cristina has an impressive honours both at club level as national teams.

Olga Ruano is a young player inside 1'91 that after only four seasons practicing basketball has already achieved the level enough to play minutes in a phase of promotion to LF1. After practicing other sports to good level, Olga started in basketball during the 2004-2005 season, as first-year junior, in the ranks of Femení Sant Adrià.

Lluís Túnez is one of the young coaches who, despite his youth, already has an extensive awards and achievements.

With good technical skills and tactics, is a great connoisseur of the market, both male and female, and is accustomed to working with video (some highlights of www.regeneracomsports.com are made by himself).

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