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The Lucas Mondelo Spain this weekend focuses on Torrejón

The Spanish National Team, with Lucas Mondelo to the head, performed this weekend in Torrejón de Ardoz second mini towards the preparation of the World Cup in Turkey to be held in late September concentration.

After the first contact a few weeks ago in Guadalajara, is another good chance to break the routine of the active rest of eligible players.

Just a month ago the coach Lucas Mondelo had the opportunity to meet with the team months ago entered the Spanish Basketball history, after winning European Champion winning the unforgettable final to hosts France.

After fixing a sheet of physical path for the players in a long summer before the merger in late August, comes the opportunity to draw the sketch of national team play for the challenge of summer.

Lucas Mondelo is preparing the work of a summer in which the team must take a new step, with the addition of new players. "Before a large painting is necessary to make many sketches and that's what we try to advance in Torrejón" Lucas Mondelo reveals that is living with this period of intense preparation.

In fact, Lucas Mondelo count for this time with 15 players among which will be new faces. "Highlights of the Women's League players that have had quality minutes what made them want to see them grow and compete with the usual to measure your progress will be incorporated." A recognition of the work of Spanish clubs in the domestic competition that has not missed the coach.

Agenda for this weekend:

21:00 Start of concentration, Dinner
22:30 Talk
23:30 Meeting coaching

09:00 Breakfast
11:00 Session José Antonio Paraíso Pavilion
13:30 Lunch
16:00 Treatments
17:15 Video
18:00 Session José Antonio Paraíso Pavilion
21:00 Dinner
23:30 Meeting coaching

09:00 Breakfast
10:00 Session José Antonio Paraíso Pavilion
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Leisure
15:00 Treatments
16:00 Video
16:45 Session José Antonio Paraíso Pavilion
19:00 End of concentration

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