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The incredible career in video of Lucas Mondelo, King Midas in women basketball

After winning his third consecutive Chinese League (WCBA), we have now available the thrilling video with all the achievements and success of Lucas Mondelo, the Spanish National Team coach.

Lucas Mondelo has won 9 of the Big Championships at club level  in the last 5 seasons and 2 Gold and 3 Silver Medals with the Spanish National Team, numbers that make him the King Midas of women basketball at a worldwide scale.

Midas was a king in Frigia that had the power from 740 to 696 bc.  In Greek mithology, Dioniso gave him the power to convert in gold everything that he touched.

In the last 5 years there is also a King Midas in spanish women basketball and that is Lucas Mondelo.  His three consecutive Chinese Leagues with Shanxi are now together with one Euroleague, one Spanish League, two Spanish Supercups, one European SuperCup and one Queen´s Cup with Perfumerías Avenida, one Silver Medal in the 2014 World Championship, one Gold Medal in the 2013 European Championship with Spanish National Team,  one Gold and one Silver Medal in the U20 European Championships in 2010 and 2011 and one Silver Medal in the 2009 U19 World Championship where he defeated USA.

Don´t miss this video, made by his agent Lluis Túnez from RegeneracomSports, because it contains a part of history in women basketball under Lucas Mondelo, the King Midas.

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