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The Damus brothers and Oluic erupt with force at 1st National Div

Richard Damus and Carl Damus continue to be decisive in the CB Quintanar of 1st National Castilla La Mancha, where they led their team to lead the category with 4-0. Similarly, the power forward Goran Oluic debuted in the first victory of CB Daimiel with a special game (25 points, 14 rebounds, 8 received faults and 35 valuation).


The CB Daimiel reached its confrontation with the Puertollano without knowing a victory in their first three matches. However, the debut of the croatian Regeneracom power forward, Goran Oluic, also marked the first victory for the whole of Ciudad Real. Oluic, born in 1988, finished with 25 points, 14 rebounds, 3 blocks, 8 received faults and 35 valuation to become the true star of the team. 

Daimiel won 73-64 and now only awaits the debut of the serbian Regeneracom forward, Bojan Alfedi, born in 1990, which is recovering from a slight injury to his knee, and will play his first match shortly.

Quintanar in added his fourth consecutive victory, this time against the CB Tobarra, the fourth so far, by 101-61 and continues unbeaten leader in the 1st National Castilla La Mancha. The involvement of the forward Richard Damus and the center Carl Damus was again decisive.

Richard Damus is one of the main sensations of the division because his spectacular actions and finished this game with 24 points and 4 rebounds, while Carl Damus, decisive victory earlier this time finished with 19 points and 7 rebounds.

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