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The american player, Jerome Tillman, renews with Ford Burgos Autocid of LEB GOLD

Following the great season that made the player in the 2010-2011 season, Autocid Ford Burgos and Jerome Tillman Burgos Ford have reached an agreement for remain in the club another year.

Tillman is a very athletic player that replaces the lack of height with a great physical condition. In spite of its 198 centimeters is able to rebound easily, finishing many actions over the basket and to intimidate opponents with spectacular caps.
Understands the game well and brings a lot of defensive intensity to the team. Is a very intelligent player.

Despite his young age, has a long career as a professional player, has played in countries like France, Germany and Spain, and in each case exhibit the great player that he is.


2008-2009: Ohio University (NCAA1): 32 games, 17'7ppp, 8'1rpp
2009-2010: ES Chalon sur Sa˘ne (LNB ProA): 30partidos, 13'3ppp, 5'2rpp. (Eurochallenge Cup): 12 games, 12'8ppp, 5'2rpp.
2010: BC Mitteldeuschter Weisen (BBL) 10partidos, 13'8ppp, 4'9rpp.
2010-2011: Autocad Ford Burgos (LEB Gold) 32partidos, 12'7ppp, 6'1rpp

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