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Taru Tuukkanen still dominates in Finland

At 38 years old, the player Taru Tuukkanen Hyvinkään Ponteva team (hypo) led by Tero Niskanen, continues to dominate and marking a style of play in Finland.

Taru averaging 17.1 points and 13.4 rebounds per game getting a rating of +25 is making one of his best season. In addition, the pivot has managed to be the best player in assists and double-doubles; the second best rebounder and third most valuable player in the competition.

Moreover, both Dionne Pounds with 17.7 points per game as Heta Korpivaara with 21.3 points, Topo team (third place) and Alex Anderson 17.4 Catz team (leader of the regular season), are also some of the most important players in this league.

We spoke with Taru Tuukkanen before the start of the playoffs.

After the regular phase of Korisliiga, you have achieved a balance that I placed fifth in opting to fight for the playoffs. How summarize all positive and negative aspects of the regular season?

I think the position we have achieved have earned through hard work. It is a very good and well deserved position.

Equipment herein may have up to three American, it is most have them. Others only have one or two, however we do not have any. Besides me, the rest of the team is made up of very young and inexperienced players in the league.

The positive side is that, despite that we have succeeded in winning some of the top teams in the table. The downside is that we have not been able to finish in the final minutes some games that we had won and controlled from the beginning.

This week will start the playoffs. Unlike Spain, where four teams qualify and play the best of three matches in Finland eight teams are ranked and play the best of five. Could you explain a little as is the classification system as designated crossings?

The top eight teams in the regular season are playing the playoffs.

First phase of the first round clash against ranked eighth, the second against the seventh and so on is played. This implies that the playoffs last much more in Finland than in Spain because there in four games determines the champion.

The of classification, eight and ten teams in order to achieve the playoffs may seem easier compared to other leagues since only two teams in the regular season left out, do you think this is? O but do you think the league is more complicated and competitive and fight for the playoffs is as difficult as in other competitions?

Clearly in Finland is much easier to qualify for the playoffs because as you have mentioned only two of the ten teams that form the regular season left out.

Still, the competition each year is harder and usually very even so, it is not known which teams will eventually occupy positions outside or the other components. This makes the crosses are not commonly known until the last days.

Your crossings will play off against the fourth-ranked league, Peli-Karhut. Of the three games that you have played with them you have won two (79-74; 66-70) and lost one (72-75), always with very close results, how do you face that Karhut be your opponent in play off knowing that no you have the home court and you lost there?

Face meetings very positive and confident but above all with respect.

Karhut is the team with the best guard in the league, Reeta piipari and three of the best American in here.

We know our possibilities and our choices. Just look at the results. Therefore, we will try to win and get us into semifinals. Everything else will.

Finally, we can add that it's been a magical season collectively. Besides, being individually being also a very important year since you've managed to be the best player in assists and dobledobles, second in rebounding and third in valuation. After these numbers, what do personal assessment of this season so far? Do you see the team and you are likely to get to win the playoffs?

I make a very positive assessment. I am very proud to be the player who has achieved the best record in the league and also gives you more assists. I've always loved baseman

Before starting the league my goal has always focused on making my companions would improve and help me improve me too. Read the game and know how to find the best pass at the right time is what I like at this point in my career.

Moreover, even as I have been the most minutes has played in the league and I could play every game. This to me is very rewarding. I have been able to return to live basketball as I've been doing every season of my career.

I see my team in a very good point collectively. We really want to compete the playoffs.

If we can move on to semifinals we would face Catz, which would be a big challenge for us. Catz has won the last three leagues and has not lost at home since 2011 if I remember correctly. It will be a very difficult game to face though, keep in mind that all games in which we have faced have competed and we have shown that we can win. We lost twice against them and the result has been only difference of six.

It would be an achievement for us and we will try. First we'll go for Kurht and if we, go to death by Catz.

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