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Tania Pérez: We believe in ourselves and we want to win and secure the Playoffs

Catalan guard Tania Pérez is completing his best season in women's league, still very much in the triumphs and style of Cadi La Seu of Miguel Angel Ortega thanks to its defense and usual intensity in all facets of the piece game.

With five games to finish the regular season, Cadi is fourth and is in playoff zone (14 win - 7 losses), with two of advantage and average over Guernica, currently ranked fifth.

Tania Pérez already played the playoffs in the 2012-13 season, is also the team captain and averaged 6.3 points 3.3 rebounds and 1.8 steals for valuation +6.6 per game in his fourth season at Cadi La Seu.

We spoke with Tania on the most interesting part of the season.

With five games to finish the regular phase of the Women's League you carry a balance of 14 wins and 7 losses that I placed fourth in fighting to get into the play off, how do you face in team matches that I get to play?

The games we have left the face eager and illusion. There are only five games to try out the five wins because although we have many possibilities mathematically, we are not yet in play off.

The balance of the season is still very good and very positive. We have to have the right mindset if we finally get that fourth place.

On Saturday at 19.45 pm you play at home against Club Basketball Conquero, coming off two consecutive defeats harvest, and one to Campus promises and one of the most important to Spar Citylift Girona, How planteáis this difficult and tough game after the round was clearly Huelva (78-56)? Do you think Conquero after the previous days is not at its best and you change it?

Tomorrow's game is presented in a complicated because although Conquero take two consecutive defeats is doing a great season.

We must not be complacent and be guided by the results. We have to keep working as we are doing for each party and above all we must show great defensive level.

It is true that at home they were far superior but since then it has been a while and have greatly improved both offensively and defensively.

I think it will be a very interesting game and hopefully win eventually left in the Seu.

The last time you played against Bizkaia Gernika one of the most crucial games of the season because if you lose would tie with you and were your main rival in the fight to get into the playoffs. After a great game were you able to bring you victory in one of the toughest tracks of the Women's League winning by 64-67, What is special about the game and victory will almost ensures that fourth place?

The match against Gernika was really like a season finale.

We knew we were playing a lot because if they managed to win victories equaled us and that made somehow complicate and classification put tighter.

They came out strong from the start and we. It was a very tough and very defensive game during the forty minutes as both teams were pushing so much the passing lanes. I think the key was that we were wittiest on offensive rebounding, which gave us options to have second chances shots and get ahead on the scoreboard.

This has given an amazing shot of energy to the team that hopefully we will also serve for Saturday. We have taken a giant step and do not want to break this good momentum we have achieved.

It is also being formidable magical season in terms of results and collective level. Individually it is still very much in your growth as a player season and you're improving your numbers from previous seasons. What values do it this season so far and what differences do you see with regard to the above in the club?

The season could not be better.

Level results Seu never managed to be in a situation. It is true that there are still five days ahead but we want to continue to maintain the level and keep believing in us and we can win.

We are going through a very good time on the computer and that is welcome.

If you manage to finally get to the playoffs will certainly faces you would see at the Perfumerías Avenida current leader of Women's League and it would have the home court advantage. Wurzburg is one of the toughest tracks since Salamanca has only lost two games this season on its track counting League and Euroleague. Still, do you see a chance of winning the tie and clasificaros for final knowing that the two meetings in which you have two separate teams crossed the result has favored Perfume (50-73; 65-58)?

If we finally enter into playoffs and our rival is Salamanca will be a tough game.

Your track is the most difficult of the competition but if we believe in we not going to do anyone. I believe and trust in my team because we have shown we can compete. When we played there the end result was 65-58, we take the victory.

Anyway must go game by game. What has to happen will happen. We will see.

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