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Tania Pérez is having her best season in Liga Femenina

Tania Pérez is playing brilliantly in Cadí la Seu and with 9.1 points, 2.7 rebounds and +9.4 efficiency in 26 minutes per game is becoming a key player for the Catalan team, helping them to be in seventh place in the Spanish First Division League with a record of 6 wins and 5 losses.

This is the Tania's fifth season in Cadí la Seu where she twice reached the Semifinals of the Championship and is improving her game every year. Last season her team was excruciatingly close to playing in the Final after defeating Perfumerías Avenida in the second game of the Semifinals. In that playoff, La Seu d'Urgell's team had a great contribution from Tania averaging 9.7 points and 4 rebounds in 29 minutes per game.

The Catalan guard is the team's captain and with her courage, her work and her constancy, is ensuring Cadí la Seu remains one of the top teams in the competition.

Tania, you have played five seasons in the Cadí la Seu and every year you have improved your game and your statistics. This year, in addition to leading the team being the captain, you are also having great numbers (9.1 points, 2.7 rebounds and +9.4 efficiency in 26 minutes per game). How are you feeling on the court?

The truth is that I'm feeling like I have stepped up in my knowledge of the competition and also, Cadí's basketball style in these last two years suits my way to play perfectly.

I'm feeling so comfortable in the high pressure that we are playing on defense and in offense we are playing without systems, so we must read what the defense does and we play in consequence to that.

After playing 11 rounds and just remaining two to finish the first half of the season, Cadí la Seu is in the seventh place in the competition and currently is having a good streak of three consecutive wins. How is the season going so far?

Our start to the season wasn't the best, but we kept working to construct a team and currently, finally we are one. I can say that we are a whole new team because there are just 4 players that resigned last summer.

I think that we have great and versatile players where we can have better performances. Now the team is having a good streak and we must keep working to try to win the last two games before the Christmas break.

To finish the first half of the season, the calendar gives your team a little break having two games, that a priori, should not be so difficult against Quesos el Pastor de la Polvoro and Star Center -Uni Ferrol. What is your impression of these two games and how do you see the qualification to the Queen's Cup?

Like you correctly said a priori. In this league you can win or lose against any team, so these last two games will be hard to win. We must play with 100% of our energy and remain focused for the entire 40 minutes.

The qualification to the Queen's Cup is in our mind but first we need to win these two games and wait for the results of the others. Our philosophy has always been to go week by week without thinking beyond the next game and if at the end we qualify in the Cup, we will try to play hard and enjoy it!

Last summer your team have had some changes, like the change of the coach and the departure of some key players, like the point guard Hind Ben Abdelkader. What is your impression of Cadí la Seu 2015-16 compared to previous years?

I don't like the to compare the different teams that this club has had along the seasons because actually, all of them have been very different.

This year we have players that weren't here last season and who are doing great performances. I believe in all of them and I'm sure that this current team will have lots of good moments and will fight in all the matches.

We are a very young team with an incredible ability to work and like I said before, the versatility is one of our strengths. For instance, our post players are so mobile and they can shoot from long distance, and our guards can play situations in the low post.

For all this, I think the Cadí of this season has something very special and we will continue working to offer the best of ourselves in the remainder of the season.

In the last two rounds you have had another change with the signing of Nicole Romeo. She has already scored 24 points (with a good shot selection) and +23 efficiency in her first 37 minutes in Liga Femenina. How has she adapted and what can she contribute to the team?

Yes, the truth is that Nicole gives us quality minutes when she is on the court. Her adaptation has been great and she is a hard worker.

I hope that she will keep helping us like she is doing now, especially her contributions with her good one and one and her long distance shot.

I can imagine after five seasons playing for Cadí la Seu you have enjoyed many experiences. Choose the best memory of all these years.

Certainly, I have a large variety of good moments along these many years but I would say the day that we beat Perfumerías Avenida in our home court in the Semifinals of the competition.

I remember that day because the gym was full with our supporters and they could enjoy it a lot. And of course, we enjoyed beating them so much too!

Tania Pérez Highlights 2015-16

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