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Tania Pérez, Georgina Bahí and Yurena Diaz will play with Spain the European 3x3

This weekend, from 5 to 7 September, has been held in the capital of Romania the European 3x3 with the best 16 teams of the continent, among which is Spain, which in July was ranked in the pre-European.

The Spanish's National Team, composed Yurena Díaz, Tania Pérez, Georgina Bahí and Amaia Gastaminza, directed by Anna Junyer, took third place in the pre-European Amsterdam after defeating the hosts in a tough match.

Then Yurena Díaz, Tania Pérez and Georgina Bahí tell us about their presence in the Championship.


You are the veteran of the team in this type of competition, what is the hardest in these tournaments?

The hardest part is played in the street, very hot and often with few breaks between games. The game is played very fast and usually allow many contacts and this eventually wears you down much, not having much recovery time which hurts your performance.

How do you see the participation of Spain in the European after the third in the pre-European Amsterdam?

I think now more prepared to come in the month of July, and given to be held in three days will be cooler than in the pre-European. If we play like we know you may go home with a medal.


After a vacation, how you look and you see the team heading back to the competition?

After a vacation is always difficult to start but in practice these days that we've seen all good. The pre-European Amsterdam helped us get to know these two workouts and have seen more complicity between us. We really want to play and fight to be on top.

After getting the third in the pre-European Amsterdam. Who will be the toughest opponents?

As we saw in Amsterdam, we can not trust any team but will surely be the strongest selections of Belgium and Russia.


After the pre-European Amsterdam with Selection of 3x3, what do you expect from this European now?

I think it will be a European level with several teams, as pretty much even in Amsterdam with a fairly high physical level. Us to be the same players, I think we can help a little to know how to play all.

In these matches and tournaments of very short duration, what are the keys to success of the teams in this type of basketball?

It is very important to stay focused all the time, to read the game, play fast and go hard every ball. It is also important to go all out for the offensive rebound and close well in defense.

In the tournament, the teams are divided into four groups of four teams each, where each team will play the other three teams in their group. The top two teams from each group advance to the quarterfinals. The finals are scheduled for Sunday, September 7.

The four groups are:

Group A - Czech Republic, Turkey, Lithuania, Greece
Group B - Spain, Russia, Slovenia, Latvia
Group C - Romania, Switzerland, Ukraine, Ireland
Group D - Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia, Israel

Besides the official competition, which takes place every day from 4 to 10 pm, the University Square will host an open competition for adults and children and a dunk contest.

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