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Tamara Bowie signs with Regeneracom

We are proud to announce that we have recently signed  a FIBA contract with Tamara Bowie, former 36th pick in the 2003 WNBA Draft.


This is her story:

Tamara Bowie is a 3/4 american player who after averaging 20,6 points and 8,4 rebounds in her senior year was selected in the 36th position in the 2003 WNBA Draft and has european experience after averaging 24,8 points and 12,9 rebounds in Israel during the 2007-08 season or 21,3 points and 6,7 rebounds per game in FIBA Cup 2008-09. After being an impact player in Sexton High School, Tamara decided to attend Ball State where she had four great years.

Tamara Bowie averaged as a rookie 14,9 points and 7,2 rebounds. 18,3 points and 8,4 rebounds as sophomore (58% from the field) and 16,6 points and 7,1 rebounds as a junior player. It was in her senior season when Tamara had her biggest success with 20,6 pooints and 8,4 rebounds with 55% from the field and 47,5% in three pointers. Tamara is name in her conference first team during the last three seasons and in the second team in her rookie year, when she was also named in the best rookie team.

Once her college career was over, Tamara Bowie was selected by the Washington Mystics in the 36th pick in the 2003 WNBA Draft. Tamara was hired by Maryland como as assitant director of basketball operation until 2006, winning the NCAA championship in the 2005-06 season with the Terrapins who had Crystal Langhorne, Kristi Toliver, Shay Doron, Laura Harper or Marissa Coleman.

In the 2006-07 season, Tamara signed with Gridavik in Iceland and averaged 30,5 points 14,8 rebounds 3,7 assists 3,6 steals and 3,6 blocks per game, reaching the semifinals, being the defensive player of the year and in the import first team and league first team. Tamara Bowie started the 2007-08 season in BK Cesis where she averaged 24 points and 4,5 rebounds in Baltic League and 17,5 points and 6,5 rebounds in LSBL. In January 2008 she signed with Hapoel Tel-Aviv where she averaged 24,8 points and 12,9 rebounds per game, shooting 55,4% from the field. Once the season was over she signed with Minnesota Lynx.

Tamara Bowie signed with Aris Holargos in the 2008-09 season and averaged 18 points and 7,2 rebounds in Greek League and 21,3 points and 6,7 rebounds in FIBA Cup. Tamara shone in the away win against Lenae Williams, Jennifer Digbeu, Natasa Ivancevic or Jannault´s USO Mondeville with 27 points and 11 rebounds or in the win against Lady Comfort´s Budocnost with 31 points 8 rebounds and 6 steals. Tamara Bowie has played in the WBCBL in the last two summers. She played for Savannah Lady Warriors in 2009 and with Orlando Extreme in 2010, year in which she was division champion.

After 2010´s WBCBL she signed in Puerto Rico to play for Leonas de Ponce where she averaged 19 points and 8,3 rebounds per game.

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