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Spain U20 National Team with Belén Arrojo champion in Pordenone

The U20 team closed its preparation for the Eurobasket winning their games against France, Turkey and Italy and winning the Tournament of Pordenone (Italy)

Participation of Belén Arrojo in the first match against France was 6 points, 3 rebounds +9 valuation in the second against Turkey had 14 points and 8 rebounds for a +18 rating, best Spanish player to close the last day against Italy scoring 8 points for a score of +10.

With these wins, Spain closes its preparation with a record of 5-0. The next meeting will be on Thursday, as the European. His opponent, from 18:30 pm, will be France.

Spain premiered on Italian soil with a win against France where the Spanish defense was key in the victory, with 29 losses to galas.

Score moved slowly, with both teams alternating in the lead throughout the first period. In Spain the second was installed in a 5-6 advantage, seeing the little annotation Party, was a suggestive rather than income.

At the turn of the crowds, Spain stretched up to seven points (23-30). France reacted and stood two points, but then appeared the figure of Marina Lizarazu with two triples in a row, to relaunch the selection U20F (28-36). Galas did not want to throw in the towel and returning to tighten the net toward the last period (35-37).

At the start of the final period, Leticia Romero took command of air operations and gave Spain (37-45). Until the conclusion of the match, Spain was known to handle well with many 5-7 advantage, which reached nine a couple of minutes to finish.


Scoring: Leticia Romero (18), Yaiza Rodríguez (5), Irene Gari (10), Belén Arrojo (6), Carolina Esparcia (2), Marina Lizarazu (6), Marta Montoliú (5), Ariadna Pujol (0) y Ana Carlota Faussurier (4). No jugó: Astou Ndour. No jugó: Astou Ndour.

Second victory for selection outperformed U20F where Turkey with a spectacular second half, which left his opponent in 19 points.

The first minutes of the meeting passed equalized but Spain had trouble finding the basket. With 7-13 against Spain after a timeout recomposed ideas and began to see the ring more smoothly, as well as installing a zone defense. Turkey-based triple break to stay ahead (18-24).

The start of the second period had only one color: red Turkey, still scoring easily and went over the decade (20-32). The Spanish put up with a jerk and after a 4-0 Ottoman coach stopped the game. The dead time, unlike usual, gave fresh start to Spain, which extended its partial to 13-0 to take command of the match (33-32). An unsportsmanlike foul of Yaiza Rodriguez Ottoman allowed to leave with a slight advantage to the dressing room (35-36).

On the resumption of the meeting, Spain gave a twist to his defensive activity, with an intense area drowned Turkish. And in attack, with a triple Leticia Romero, Spain a 7-0 chained to re-take the lead (42-36). Koksal ended with the Ottoman blackout with 2 +1. The national team was maintained with 4-5 points ahead of income.

In the final period, Spain continued to maintain the vital signs of the second half, with a defense that was crippling the Turkish. Escaped the net and forced the Turkish dead time (59-51 at 5:49). But there was no one to stop Spain, bringing down the barrier of ten goals (64-53) to give comfort to Spain until the final whistle.


Scoring: Leticia Romero (13), Yaiza Rodríguez (2), Irene Gari (18), Belén Arrojo (14), Carolina Esparcia (0), Marina Lizarazu (3), Marta Montoliú (5), Ariadna Pujol (4) y Ana Carlota Faussurier (11). No jugó: Astou Ndour.

Spain closed its preparation Pordenone winning the tournament after beating Italy on Sunday 70-58.

First minutes matched with Romero Leticia showing as the most incisive attack by the national team.

At the start of the second period, Spain climbing lines and the second unit was shown effective in attack (26-22). A triple Yaiza Rodriguez and Leticia Romero unsportsmanlike, with success in the subsequent attack, shooting at Spain and caused the Italian break (34-24). Canary basis continued to lead the Spanish attack to an Italy that was more effective (39-32). Minutes prior to the break in, Spain accelerated and almost another triple at the buzzer, selection locker room was above the ten (44-32).

In the third period, Italy wanted to put a gear to meet, knowing that they had to raise their level on both sides of the court. But Spain, with very spread offensive tasks, with appearances by Belén Arrojo, managed to keep their income above ten. The local squadron, pressed and reached below the psychological barrier to the last period (57-48).

At the start of the final act, and Lizarazu Romero, both from the perimeter back at 'quiet' (65-50). Spain had gained a dot on defense, causing several losses of a rival who saw that their efforts were not getting results. Transalpine looking epic lines up on defense, but Spain endured the Italian onslaught. A new triple finiquitaba the match and the title of 'International Tournament Pordenone' to Spain.


Scoring: Leticia Romero (22), Yaiza Rodríguez (8), Irene Gari (10), Belén Arrojo (8), Carolina Esparcia (9), Marina Lizarazu (9), Marta Montoliú (0), Ariadna Pujol (2), Laura Quevedo (0) , Ana Carlota Faussurier (0) y Sara Zaragoza (2). No jugó: Astou Ndour.

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