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Spain U20 National Team Champion in Noia and Belén Arrojo the most valued

The Spanish Women's U20 team, which included Belén Arrojo as best player, won the 'International Tournament III Vila de Noia' after defeating Sweden and Czech Republic.

Participation of Belén Arrojo was the first match against Sweden 6 points, 4 rebounds +15 valuation and the second against the Czech Republic had 11 points and 5 rebounds for another +15 rating.

The concentration of the selection makes its way to the end of next week they will play another tournament in the Italian city of Udine.

The Spanish U20F began his road to the European with a clear victory over Sweden by 62-41.

After an initial period equaled, Spain beat the first sprint of the meeting: 7-0 for a 21-14. During the first half, many minutes of four players: Leticia Romero, Marina Lizarazu, Belén Arrojo and Astou Ndour. The Swedish team reacted and narrowed differences (25-22), but a new Spanish tug sent them almost ten changing road (34-25).

In the second half, Spain just struggled. Clenched teeth and left defensive clinched the match with a partial 14-0 in the third period (55-30), closing the ring Scandinavian attack for more than five minutes. In the last act, came to dominate Spain for up 27 points in what was a great first performance against a team that also played the European Udine.

The Spanish team won the 'International Tournament III Vila de Noia' after defeating the Czech Republic 59-56 in a game that came to have almost twenty points clear but central European tightened in the last period.

After a first quarter equaled, Spain broke the game in the start of the second act with a 10-0 run to put the score at 30-15. And even before the break, which was reached with 38-23, Spain got a maximum lead of 17 points.

After passing through the locker room the picture of the meeting with regard to the leadership of it did not change: Spain continued to dominate clearly. If you changed the scoring rate, with many problems seeing eye by both teams. But even in this situation, the selection U20F moved better than your opponent and came in with 19 points ahead in the fourth quarter (50-31).

It seemed that the party was for judgment, but nothing is further from reality. The players of the Czech Republic began to see the ring with a lot more clarity, while Spain was ill-advised, and snagged the game with a 10-0 run that increased the excitement for the final minutes (54-47). Central European even more tightened the score, but could not finish off their comeback.

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