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The coaching programme aimed at professional footballers Soccer Services, a company headed by Joan Vila, soccer coach and  FC Barcelona player in the past, David Hernandez and Carles Romagosa, is being and will be reported in the media sports. The daily Sport, the radio programmes "Els millors anys de la nostra vida" of Catalunya Ràdio and "Futbol Català"  in Ràdio Marca, as well as the Revista del Vallès, published weekly, reported or inform about it.


The sports daily Sport has published in its edition of this Monday, July 14, a full page (p.12) on the programme of coaching, focused on improving the performance of Puyol on the pitch, once the defense Lleida noted, earlier this year 2008, the program led by Joan Vilà.

That same night of July 14, the radio programme "Els millor anys de la nostra vida" of Catalunya Ràdio (102.8 FM), led by Bernat Soler, interviewed live around them 00:00 hours, Joan Vilà, while the following day, Tuesday, July 15, the program "Futbol català" in Radio Marca (89.1 FM), submitted by Ricard Vicente from 19:30 am chatting with the three responsible for Soccer Services.

For its part, la Revista del Vallès, weekly, will publish next Friday, July 18, an interview with Joan Vilà.

The coaching program, which offers players from 1st, 2nd, 2nd B and 3rd Division and Youth Division of Honour, integrates sports and personal advice for professional footballers, and is divided into two major areas.

On the one hand, Sport Coach (individual advice and training for the enhancement of sports performance, through technical and tactical improvement, according to the demarcation in the field of player, and physical and psychological preparation), and on the other hand, Staff Coach ( software development coaching staff that integrate advice based on individual needs).

The program offers the footballer, in addition, a separate report from all matches disputed and a detailed analysis to support audiovisual weekly.

To see this press release as www.regeneracomsports.com: http://regeneracomsports.com/ficha_noticia.php?id_noticia=42

For further program information, which will have limited places, and meet the registration process, please send an e-mail to futbol@regeneracom.com or call +34 93 4789822, + 34 93 2016792 or at +34 678 60 16 74 (the last two phones only in the evenings, starting at 15:30 h).

See website http://www.soccerservices.net/

See report model of competition: http://soccerservices.net/Informe_competicion.pdf

See model training program and events: http://soccerservices.net/eventos.php

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