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Simon Pursl concentrates with U18 Czech Republic NT

The Czech power forward, born in 1997, Simon Pursl has played the first up matches with U18 national team of the Czech Republic in the friendlies preview to European Champs.

With three matches against Germany, which they got a win and two losses, ending the first weeks of preparation Simon Pursl with the Czech Republic for the tournament in Turkey.

Then Simon Pursl talks about his season and his presence in Zaragoza with the U18 team.

What's your assessment of the season?

A good season. With the EBA league team started a little shaky but then was making me fit into the team gradually. I'm happy as I ended the season with them.

I think I've taken a very important step in this season, but I still have a few more to do. I have to keep working.

What's your experience playing CAI Zaragoza?

I am very happy in the CAI and I have high hopes of playing there. I really like the club because they give us opportunities like training with the first team as a junior freshman. Very happy also because I really trust me, because in the future I can play ACB and do well. I help a lot in your daily work.

This summer the European U18 will play the Czech Republic, how will these days of preparation?

Yes, this summer I will play with the U18. Now we are in the first campus, where we played three games against the U18 of Germany, with whom we have lost two games and we have won the other. The three parties were evenly matched and have served as good preparation. These three games taught us things to improve and the following against two very good teams we will even help.

We will continue to prepare, now we play matches in Lithuania and Belgium. We'll be well prepared to do my best in the European.

How do you rate the group with Czech Republic in the European?

In the group we have Bosnia, Greece and Turkey.

We started playing against the Turks, who are the champions last year U18 and U16 champions two years ago. They are very good, the best in our group. Against them I want to do very well, although I do not have many chances to win, but you never know and we will go flat out against them.

The most important for us are matches against Greece and against Bosnia, two very good teams, but we want to win that to achieve our goal of relegation.

You can get to know Simon Pursl watching the video below with some of the best stocks of the 2013-14 season:

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