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Silver and Bronze for Hind Ben Abdelkader in the 3x3 World Championshipin Moscow

Belgian point guard Hind Ben Abdelkader won this weekend the Bronze Medal with Belgium NT in the 3x3 World Championship played in Moscow.

Also, Hind had a great competition in the Skills Contest and managed to win the Silver Medal.

In the same event, spanish guard Yurena Díaz won the Bronze Medal in the Shoot Out Contest, being the best female in the competition.

Hind Ben Abdelkader teamed up with Sara Leemans, Stephanie Medjo and Ann Wauters in the Belgian Team and defeated Uruguay (21-11), Syria (16-12), Romania (20- 17), Switzerland (17- 11) and Italy (17-9) in the first round, reaching the Top 16 unbeated.

Beligum defeated Brazil (17-8) in Top 16 and also Germany (20-16) in the Quarter Finals.

After a close game, USA was too strong and luckier and beat Belgium (14-18) to clear their path to the Gold Medal.

Belgium recovered and defeated Czech Republic (14-12) to collect the Bronze Medal.

In addition to the bronze medal, Hind Ben Abdelkader won the Silver Medal in the Skills Contest, only after Italian Valentina Baldelli

In the following video you can watch some of the best actions of Hind Ben Abdelkader in the Championship:

Yurena Díaz, who competed in the World 3x3 with Spain, could not survive the crossing knockout stages and finished ninth.

Yurena Díaz also won the bronze medal in the Shoot Out Contest. He did leaving only behind Indonesian Christian Gunawan and Argentine Daniel Hure, the tournament was.

In the following video you can see some of the best action Yurena Díaz in the 2013-14 season:

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