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Shawn Goff, MVP in Poland with 28 points, 13 rebounds and 35 in efficiency

Shawn Goff had her best game so far with  Super-Pol Leszno with  28 points (12/14 from the field), 13 rebounds and 35 in efficiency, helping her team to beat  Widzew  76 to 54.



After being the best OLE Mississipi player in 2008-09, after averaging  13,8 points and 6,6 rebounds per game,  Shawn had her first european experience last season playing for swedisth team Marbo where she averaged 16,9 points and 9,5 rebounds per game. After a great season she was with Atlanta Dream in WNBA until almost the end, being the last cut.

In Leszno, the american post player is averaging 10,2 points and 6,1 rebounds per game with  55,7% from the field.
Other Regeneracom players were also between the top players of the week.
Candice Champion was the sixth best player in efficiency after scoring 22 points in the loss against Lodz, 94 to 90 and is currently the second top scorter in the league with 17,9 points per game and 7,2 rebounds per game.

Kristen Morris had  17 points   5 rebounds and 21 in efficiency in the win against Utex Row and is currently averaging 12 points and 6,7 rebounds per game.


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