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Sergio Fole, new Tijola (LEB Bronze) assistant coach

The coach Sergio Fole will be the assistant coach of Antonio Herrera in the new project of Tíjola LEB Bronze team, which will seek promotion category.


Sergio Fole was the first coach of Cimaga Torrelodones during the last ten matches of the Madrid team in EBA League the season 07-08.

Fole replaced in this set Ivo Simovic and led to a computer that was, among other players, Alfonso Reyes, few yeards ago Spanish NT player.

The coach arrived in Torrelodones higher in 2005 for be then assistant to the 1st National Division team, a position he also occupied in the 2006-2007 season, getting promotion this year EBA League.

Previously, Fole had been in historical teams of Madrid, as the Colegio San Agustin, CB Pozuelo, Escolapios Pozuelo, Santa Maria del Pilar, Los Olmos Sagrado Cozarón or La Salle, the latter team where he began his career as technician.

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