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Sarah Hayes, MVP in the german pokal cup

Last weekend took place the final round of the Pokal Cup, the German Cup. The Chemnitz Chemcats were beaten in the first semifinal by a tight 60 to 56 to New Basket Oberhausen while in  the second, the TV Saarlouis Royals (leading team in German League) beatUSC Freiburg  84 to 63.



Saarlouis Royals won the Final against Chemnitz by 88 to 46, one of the biggest differences in history with a big game of Saarlouis star, Fantasia Goodwin.

In the game for third and fourth place, USC Freiburg defeated  Oberhausen in a close game by 85 to 83.

Sarah Hayes had a brilliant performance , scoring 12 points in the semifinal against Saarlouis, and 28 in the match for third and fourth position against Oberhaursen. Her performance in the Final Four helped her to be awarded as  MVP of the Pokal Cup.
After arriving to  Freiburg as an emergency signing with the team in last position ( 1 win 7 losses), Freiburg improved with Sarah in the team, winning 7 of the next 14 games , thing that allowed Freiburg to stay in First Division for one more season.

Statistically, Sarah Hayes contributed 15.8 points and 6.6 rebounds per game with an excellent 53% from the field and 50% in three pointers,  numbers that certainly helped in a great way in USC Freiburg season. Sarah Hayes season in Germany finishes in a good way, with the Pokal Cup MVP Award.

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