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Romy Calderon, new Carmelitas Ourense player

Romy Calderon, international dutch 1.78 shooting guard born in 1984, will have her first experience in Spain, in the roster of Carmelitas Ourense in 1st National Division in Spain.


Romy debuted in the Dutch first division while still junior player and in her last two seasons in the competition was a top annotations, highlighting his 13.5 points per game in 2003-2004.

Romy is an extraordinary 3 points shots as evidenced by her percentage close to 40% throughout the race by signing memorable performances as 7 / 8 in 3 points shots and 33 points against DAS or 5 / 5 in 3 points shots and 21 points against USO Mondeville in the current FIBA Europe Cup.

After being convened for the National Team and win the Dutch League, Romy was a fellow Antelope Valley College in the United States, where university since Carl Albert to be incorporated in the 2007-2008 to Arkansas, completing two very good seasons.

With this signing, Carmelitas Ourense achieved one of the best shooters to be in Spain during the 2008-2009 season and with the incorporation of other players would have to be one of the teams that aspire to the stage of promotion to Liga Femenina 2.

For Romy, will be the first experience in a European league different from the Dutch and surely give a good performance to the squad Ourense.

See Romy Calderon profile and video

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