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Rodríguez and Asurmendi have been crowned the Spanish Liga Femenina Champions

Leonor Rodríguez and María Asurmendi have been crowned the Spanish Liga Femenina Champions after defeating Uni Girona (60-57) in the final game of the series.

Leonor joined Perfumerías Avenida Salamanca in the 2013-14 season and since then the Canary guard has had an amazing career with two Spanish Queen's Cup, two Spanish SuperCup and one League.

Perfumerías Avenida Salamanca also has María Asurmendi. This current year she has had a dream season achieving the Spanish Queen's Cup with C.B. Conquero Huelva and now the Spanish League with Salamanca's team.

Congrats to both!

We speak Leonor Rodríguez after her victory against Uni Girona:

Your Perfumerías Avenida has been crowned the Spanish Liga Femenina Champions after beating Uni Girona in a close third game of the Final. What is your impression about this Final and how did your team play it?

It has been three games really intense, competitive and close, it was a real Final between two Euroleague teams, I think that the game level was so high.

Perfumerías Avenida played well, we had difficult times before with a lot of changes in the roster but this last month, we have known how to play together, all the players have understood their role and we have achieved the strength that we did not have before the playoffs. So we played well and the title is for us!

After being so close to the title in Fontajau in the second game of the Final, how did you prepare for the third game and what were the keys for winning the game?

The key was, without doubt, play at our gym with our fans, I could feel that support while I was playing and gave me more strength.

The scouting for the game was to keep adjusting us against the Uni Girona's zone, we tried to use more our centers against this type of defense and of course, also we wanted to put more rhythm in the game.

The third game of the Final was so exciting despite the first two quarters where your Perfumerías Avenida was winning by 20 points. How did you find this third game and what was your favourite moment of the match?

I have two favourite moments, evidently the start of the game because winning by 20 points in the second quarter of the Final game is not easy and sincerely, I liked lots how we were focused from the beginning. And the second moment was obviously when the buzzer went off because we were so happy and I thought about all that difficult moments we have lived during the season were worth it.

As usual Würzburg gym was full and once more the tickets were sold out. What do you feel after winning your first Spanish Liga Femenina in front of supporters like that?

A tremendous satisfaction, they have never failed, they filled the gym once again and were cheering us on until the last second.

During these three seasons I have been in Salamanca I have achieved five titles, but this is the only League and sincerely, going home with this trophy is very satisfying.

Leonor, this is your third season in Salamanca's team where you are starting to collect titles, to addition this current year, you have beaten the historic Salamanca's record of victories in a row. What is your impression about the 2015-16 season?

I think that this season was very positive, this current year I matured inside and outside the court, I felt more solid. Also I could play a good amount of minutes so I could play my game. I believe that this season went well for me because I grew up as a professional player and as a person.

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