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Robyn Parks (19 points) and her PEAC Pécs beat Sopron

Robyn Parks and her team, PEAC Pécs, have beaten Uniqa Sopron, current Hungarian Champion and who had won their Euroleague game on wednesday against Perfumerías Avenida.

PEAC won 76-78 and Robyn Parks had a very good performance with 19 points and +22 efficiency that helped her team to stand now with a 3-2 record in Hungarian top division.

Robyn is currently averaging 16.2 points and +17.2 efficiency in 25 minutes per game in Hungarian League and had 14 points in PEAC´s debut in Eurocup last wednesday against Nymburk.

This is Robyn Parks second season overseas after shining last year in Spain where she was the 2nd best scorer in the league after averaging 18.2 points per game for Gran Canaria.

Before that, Robyn had a brilliant career at Virginia Commonwealth University and averaged superb 21.7 points and 9.2 rebounds per game during her senior year (2013-14).

We speak with Robyn:

PEAC Pécs is currently third in the Hungarian First Division league with a record of 3 wins and 2 losses. How do you think the team is progressing so far? How can you describe the start of your season?

I think the team is progressing very well, with each game we continue to get better and better.

The start of the season was a bit slow for us but I think in the past couple of games we have played very well as a team.

Despite having already played 6 games, you arrived to Hungary just 1 month ago. How do you feel on the court and how have you adapted to a new country, new league, and new team?

I always feel good when I'm on the court. My teammates make playing basketball here in Pecs very exciting because the team chemistry is amazing!

On Sunday your team defeated Uniqa Sopron in their home court, with good players like Louice Halvarsson, Zsofia Fegyverneky or Sara Krnjic. How was the game and how do you think that it will affect in your team moving forward?

Beating Sopron on their home court was an unexplainable feeling! I am so proud of my teammates. We showed strength and courage because we never gave up and we fought until the very end. Winning that game helped us realize that nothing is impossible if we work hard enough !

The result of the game was so close, 76-78 and for sure a great game to watch. Which was the best moment of the game?

For me, the best moment of the game was when the buzzer went off and we all went crazy, jumping up and down and celebrating together!

Highlights Robyn Parks 2015-16

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