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Ricketts & Scanlon guide Adba close to playoffs

Catherine Scanlon scored 28 points (6/9 in three pointers) and grabbed 7 rebounds por 25 in efficiency meanwhile  Crista Ricketts had 21 points, 10 rebounds and recieved 8 fouls for 33 in effiency which helped ADBA to beat Universitario de Ferrol  89 to 78.



When there were missing just seven rounds to finish the regular seson, ADBA entered the game after losing against Ensino last week and breaking their 9 win in a row streak.
Universitario de Ferrol was having a very nice second part of the season and arrived to The Quirinal with three consecutive wins and a 11-7 balnace that kept them playing for trying to conquer one of the last playoff positions.

ADBA, who was still undefeated at home in the whole season, couldn´t break the game in the first quarter (20-19) but after a good second quarter, they arrived with 9 point difference to half time (45-36).  A good start of quarter gave them even more difference and only a 0-10 rush by Ferrol in the last quarter helped the visitor team to lose the game just by 11 points which weren´t enough to keep the basket average (which was 2 points).

After this win, ADBA Avilés keeps the fourth position with a 15-5 balance, tied with Tenerife Aguere and with one win and aveage difference with the fifth position team, Burgos.
The loss in this important game, keeps Ferrol far from playoffs but still in a good sixth position with a 12-8 balance.
Both ADBA Americans are having an impressive season, being the diferential factor in ADBA which last year had at this time a 6-14 balance. However the rest of the team is also having a great season and supporting them a lot and playing as a real team they are having an unbelievable season.

After twenty rounds, Crista Ricketts averages 18,2 points (51,2% from the field) 7,4 rebounds and 5 recieved fouls for 20,5 in efficiency in 30 minutes per game. Crista is the fourth best scorer, eleventh rebounder, the fourth player which receives more fouls and the fourth in efficiency in the League.

Catherine Scanlon averages 15,9 points (with 44,6% from the three point line and scoring two per game), 6,1 rebounds and 14,7 in efficiency in 30 minutes per game. Cat is the eighth best scorer, twelfth in efficiency and the fifth best percentage in three pointers in the league.
Breanne Watson contributed to Universitario de Ferrol with 12 points and 6 rebounds for 13 in efficiency  and is currently averaging 12,9 points 8,9 rebounds 3,9 recieved fouls and 16,3 in efficiency in 28 minutes per game.

Breanne is the fourth best rebounder in the league, the best in offensive rebounds with 4,5 per game (almost one rebound better than the second position) and the sixth best player in efficiency in the League in her first year in Spain.
With six rounds remaining, ADBA travels to Carmelitas, recieves Aguere in a key game for both teams, goes to  Bembibre, recieves Aros, travels to Caceres and finishes the league at home against Pabellón Ourense. 


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