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Raul Franch (basketball coach)

Raul Franch was coach of the Catalonia Cup champion team 08-09, the Natzaret, and was voted best coach Catalan Catalan Association for Coaches in 2009. However, his team, the Natzaret, it rose to EBA League, who had earned athletically, having no economic resources, and Raul patient waiting an opportunity in a category that has gained from the benches. Until it arrives, is preparing the fire department competitions.


What are you doing in this early season?
I'm not coaching, and I hope to do in a computer where you have a good project or a team sport that is challenging for me. I have five years in Cup Catalunya and would like to jump into EBA. 

What would you say are your best strengths as a coach?
Constancy in labor, 100% competitive, motivating, confidence (I believe in what I do), good reading in the matches (I think), good knowledge of the players ... 

What has been the most of your coaching career?
The two final Copa Catalunya 4, we've played, both Ripollet, which lost against the host team, as the Catalunya Cup final this year where we won the Championship of Catalonia (and that meant promotion to League EBA and get that we had been so close for three years and so we had to work very hard too long). 

A dream ...
In the world of basketball, to be professional (able to live for basketball and basketball), and power train LEB Plata, LEB Gold or ACB ..., and as for what is not basketball: power forward out of the body competitions firefighters and work on that.

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