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PXG Regeneracom players in several of the U18 rankings

After finishing tenth in the U18 Championship of Spain, after a victory against Tau and defeat against Gran Canaria, FC Barcelona and Girona, the last two after leading by 14 points during the game, comes the turn of the individual ratings. So Yohansi Minaya, Beqa Chikviladze and Gregorio Adón finished the tournament among the ten highest scorers.


Yohansi Minaya ended with 17 points and 3.7 rebounds per game, to become the third leading scorer of the tournament; Beqa Chikviladze finished with 16.2 points and 5 rebounds per game, standing as the fifth best scorer, while Gregorio Adone ended 14.2 points, 9.2 rebounds and 19.5 valuation, being the eighth leading scorer, sixth in rebounds and fifth in value.

Also included 10 points, 7.2 rebounds and 15 valuation of the power forward Byron Glenn, also of PXG Regeneracom.

Ranking scorers
1-Alex Ramon (Tau): 20,5
2-Samuel Domínguez (Gran Canaria): 19,4
3-Yohansi Minaya (PXG Regeneracom): 17
4-Albert Salat (FC Barcelona): 17
5-Beqa Chikviladze (PXG Regeneracom): 16,2
6-César Lima (Unicaja): 15,6
7-Tornike Shengelia (Pamesa): 15,2
8-Gregorio Adón (PXG Regeneracom): 14,25
9-Víctor Arnau (Pamesa): 14,2
10-Jefferson Froelich (Majadahonda): 13,75

Ranking rebounders
1-Elhadji Malick (Unicaja): 11,8
2-César Lima (Unicaja): 11,6
3-Samuel Domínguez (Gran Canaria): 10,2
4-Michel Acosta (FC Barcelona): 9,5
   Javier González (Cajasol): 9,5
6-José Rodríguez (Majadahonda): 9,25
   Gregorio Adón (PXG Regeneracom): 9,25
8-Ivan Sáez de Cortazar (Tau): 9
9-Jefferson Froelich (Majadahonda): 8,75
10-Manuel Barrientos (CB Granada): 8,5

Ranking Valorations
1-Samuel Domínguez (Gran Canaria): 25,2
2-César Lima (Unicaja): 24,8
3-Tornike Shengelia (Pamesa): 21,6
4-Álex Ramón (Tau): 20,75
5-Gregorio Adón (PXG Regeneracom): 19,5
6-Albert Salat (FC Barcelona): 17,5
7-Jefferson Froelich (Majadahonda): 17
8-Joan Tomàs (DKV Joventut): 16,8
9-Elhadji Malick (Unicaja): 16,6
10-Ángel Víctor Hernández (CB Granada): 15,75

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