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Patricia Soler, MVP of the week in Liga Femenina 2

Patricia Soler had a spectacular performance against C.B Andratx (51-66) with a victory for her Picken Claret and the MVP award of the 5th round.

Malaga’s center had 28 points with a superb shooting percentage of 82% from the field, 13 rebounds and +38 efficiency, contributing to the third win of Valencia’s team. Currently, Picken Claret is fifth on the ladder in group B of Liga Femenina 2, with a record of 3 wins and 2 losses.

This season, Soler is playing really well averaging 11 points, 7.4 rebounds and +13.4 efficiency in just 23 minutes per game and being one of the determining centers of the competition.

We spoke with Patricia after the victory:

Last Saturday, Picken Claret had their third victory in the season and you, your first MVP award of the round (28 points, 13 rebounds, +38 efficiency). How was the game against Balear’s team?

The truth is, it wasn’t an easy game. It was a team with many good players, but we were intense on defense and shooting well, allowing us to win the game.

Regarding the MVP I humbly accept. It is a result of the hard work of the team. So it should be enjoyed as a collective.

Five rounds have already passed of Liga Femenina 2 and in group B there are 8 teams on equal points. What is your opinion about the league and how do you think the next few games will go?

I think that the league has a lot of options, is a league really equal. I would not talk about surprises when one team can beat anyone. The games are so unpredictable.

In theory St. Adrià and Alcobendas are the strongest, but the league is so long and you never know!

Regarding my team, we have a lot of room to improve, we need to continue working and growing. We must be focused in all the games because we are a young team.

In my opinion we are going to enjoy this league because is really exciting!

After playing three years with C.B Conquero in Spanish First Division, this is your first experience far away from Huelva. How do you feel on court and how is everything going with your new team?

On court I feel really confident and with the help of my teammates I hope to continue playing well.

Truthfully the club is being so kind to me and they have been so welcoming. Of course, I am so happy.

Despite only living in Valencia for three months, do you like the city and how have you adapted?

I have been living two months in this city, it is incredible and really pretty. It has a lot of places to enjoy and has this Mediterranean style that I love. Every day I am getting more used to the city so more confident in moving around it. The people make me feel like I’m at home. Valencia is spectacular!

Highlights Patricia Soler - MVP round 5 LF2 - 28 points 13 rebounds +38 efficiency

Patricia Soler 28 points, 13 rebounds and +38 efficiency (01.11.2015) LF2

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