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Oravcova breaks Kosice's 22 wins in a row record

Andrea Oravcova, in a impressive second half in which she scored 21 points, was the leader for Poprad in an unexpected win 66 to 57 which is the first defeat in league for Dobri Anjeli Kosice after arriving to the game with a perfect record of 22 wins in 22 games.



Kosice was having the perfect season in League after reaching the Euroleague Eightfinals where they lost in the third game against Bourges.
Poprad had a strong start of the season but later was struggling due to the big number of injuries which had them playing some games with a limited number of players.

In fact, Andrea Oravcova had a meniscus problem that needed arthroscopy in her last game before Christmas. This problema had her almost two months out of the competition but now, in her fifth game after coming back, she has proved that she is again in top shape.
After a first quarter in which Kosice took the lead (11-16), Igor Skocovski´s team had a better second quarter (15-15) that took them to half time with a 5 points déficit. Andrea only scored two points during the first half.

However, a good third quarter by Poprad took them to only four points and after a strong start of the ast quarter Poprad took the lead for the first time, 49-48, with six minutes remaining.
Kosice couldn´t react and with Andrea Oravcova in a stellar mode Poprad won the game with a 22-10 run in the last quarter that closed the game 66 to 57.

Andrea Oravcova was Poprad´s top scorer and also game´s top scorer with 23 points meanwhile Alexandra Baburova and Eva Kmet´ová had 10 and 9 respectively.
Ashley Shields scored 17, Iciss Tilliss 15 and Anna Jurcenkova 14 for Kosice who played with her full team.
Andrea Oravcova continues with a great season, averaging currently 13,1 points per game for Poprad who ties with Ruzomberok in the second position with a 16-7 balance after Ruzomberok defeated Nitra too  65 to 63.

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