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Olga Ruano returns to LF2 with Femení Sant Adrià

Catalan center Olga Ruano has renewed her contract with Femení Sant Adrià and will return to Spanish LF2 after a successful 2013-14 season.

Olga, 26 years old and 1.92m was awarded as MVP of the Copa Catalunya last season and return to Liga Femenina 2, category where she had already played for 5 seasons, four with the Femení Sant Adrià where she played three promotions to first division.

Olga Ruano is characterized by its great contribution in all aspects of the game through her work and sacrifice in defense and for her abiity to create game for her teammates and be strong under the basket.

Olga Ruano speaks with us about her return to Femení Sant Adrià in the following interview:

You come from a great last season with Femení Copa Catalunya Sant Adrià, how do you assess the achievements of the team?

Last season was unexpected and special in many ways. Although I had already played in Sant Adrià, did not know many of the players nor the coach. We started being a group of unknown players willing to work for a common goal and just being a great team on and off the track.

We were marking us small goals throughout the season, and we realized that working as we did our level could be very high ... and it was! Winning the league and get promotion was an unforgettable moment for all, because it was the end to a dream season where the work, effort and good vibes had been present from the very first day.

And you, in addition to winning the league and getting Ascent were named MVP of the 2013-14 Copa Catalunya, how you saw on the track and with the team?

It went from strength to strength. At first it took me a while to find my place in the track and the type of game that our team wanted to accomplish was completely unknown to me. However, with the help of all my friends, patience and confidence of my coach, and the quality of daily work ended up feeling comfortable and learning a lot.

The MVP award was another great season, which of course would not have achieved without the full support and confidence of my teammates and coaches.

You've had offers from Women's League but have preferred to Sant Adrià in Femení where you can combine your work, what led you to renew another season?

The main reason is the desire to remain part of this team, to continue learning and continue to enjoy as I have this year.

Also, I can play and train at a good level close to home, and I can continue my education and working for what I like ... what else I can ask?I'm very lucky!

After two seasons you dominate the Copa Catalunya with Femení Sant Adrià and Mataro come back with the same club to the Women's League 2 in which you played three Phases Ascent Women's League, what do you remember from your years of Liga Femenina 2 in Sant Adrià?

Those years were very nice too. It was a different time of life, both personally and in terms of game, but remember it as one of the best.

The club experienced a fantastic time, and I learned a lot of my classmates and I had excellent coaches. Ascent Phase Women's League is, for me, the best phases at all levels.

Each year was different, I went from being second team player of the first year to have more prominence in the first team at the end. But each year I take great moments I will never forget.I hope I have the opportunity to experience them again someday!

You go back to Liga Femenina 2, and like reference team player and much more experienced at all levels, how have you seen over the years the LF2 and what role you think you can take it personally?

For me it is a challenge to return to Liga Femenina 2 after a few years out of it. I think it is still a very demanding league and complicated movements.

I will continue working as usual, and I hope to perform well and help my team to compete at a good level.

You keep enough players and coach block last season, how do you see the new project in LF2 League team in his return to the league?

I think it's a very exciting project. We already know, Jordi and we know that if we work as we have done so far, we can always look forward and compete at a high level.

We're practically the same as we get the promotion last year, and this makes our project feel very motivated and we are especially. I'm sure we will have a good job!

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