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Olga Ruano is having her best season in Liga Femenina 2 (+Interview)

Catalan post player Olga Ruano is proving herself as one of the best players in LF", averaging 12.3 points 6.1 rebounds and +13.2 efficiency per game for Femení Sant Adrià.

Olga Ruano, born in 1988, is having her seventh season in Femení Sant Adrià after reaching LF2 in May 2014, being the MVP of Copa Catalunya 2013-14.

Her team couldn´t get the win this past Sunday, losing to Instituto de Fertilidad Air Europa 67-62, in  a close game in which Olga had 14 points 5 rebounds and +16 efficiency.  However, the "lilas" don´t give up and will try to make the playoffs in the six remaining games.

We speak with Olga Ruano:

First of all congratulations for the great season that you are having because being the first year of your team in this  competition the results are coming better than expected, did you think have these numbers earlier this year?

The truth is that neither a collective or individual level, we asked ourselves anything but work every week to get as far as possible.

Lying if I said I expected to be in this position at this point in time, but I think it is the result of daily work, and we have earned it here.

Individually, I've always tried to help the team in any way I could, and I am lucky that both the players and the coach trust me. I had not thought anything related to numbers, but I am clear that there are many aspects that I can and should do better and will continue to work for it.

With regard to the above, you are a little surprise team in this league and yet are fighting in the top of the table. You looking back, what do you think has been the biggest most important factor?

I think the main factor is that although we are the team that probably fewer sessions performed, the workouts are of high quality. We tried to use the time and never relax.

We are a very young and inexperienced team in this category, and although this has drawbacks, it also has a positive side, and each week has only one purpose: to keep improving

However, we should also mention the downside. And, this time the team had a pretty tough game against Fertility Institute Air Europ in which you have had for most of the match score for, but in the end the victory has been left at home, what do you think that you lack especially in in this last part?

I think the first mistake we made was not to try to close the match at the time we were 12 above.

We let them come out on the scoreboard after 26 minutes and started to rush and make bad plays

We failed to read the game and take advantage we had, and eventually the turnovers and the low level of accuracy condemned us.

Despite the defeat, you have been one of the most valued players with 14 points and 5 rebounds in 32 minutes getting 16 rating but, speaking of statistics shots on everything from the line of three (1/14) have been a factor negative have you felt comfortable in the field despite failing to win?

The truth is that it was not the most comfortable games I've played.

They played without Vila Isabel, her five starter, and this has caused quite personally in defense suffered because Mazyonite and the other players who have used as interiors are quite faster than me.

I think we have been conditioned over our mistakes his defense and reading of the game.

The low success obviously conditions, but rainfall, turnovers or errors in defense too. We stopped playing as we know, and they were smarter than us.

From the outset, you have pointed out quite strong and the playoffs are as it were "just around the corner," how you face as a player matches that I left to play?

They are like a challenge and a great opportunity.

If at the beginning of the season I had been told that being six games would be in the position where we are, I would not have believed it.

We managed to get here and we are fortunate to be able to fight for it, I think make the most of this opportunity. If you end up not arrived, than because we have not tried to finish.

Personally, it is the fourth phase of ascent would you play. If everything come out perfect, you see the team and you look with possibilities of getting it? What would it mean for you to play at that level again?

The team is growing and maturing in all aspects. It has been a very great change for many of the players, who have been playing in junior or Copa Catalunya to play in a semi-professional category.

This second round is still difficult because teams already know how to play and not so easy to surprise and win. It is still a process of adapting a little tough both physically and mentally, but I think we can do a good job.

Regarding the second question, LF2 is a good league where players compete in games with large a high level, and I am very happy to have ownership in a team like Femení Sant Adrià.

Being able to play again in Women's League would be a dream come true, because although I had not many minutes the year I was in Girona, learned a lot and enjoyed the opportunity to live one of the best years of my life.

In the following video you can watch the whole game, Fertility Institute Air Europ 67-62 Snatt's Femeni Sant Adria.

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