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Olga Ruano: “It has been a great season”

Olga Ruano has finished an amazing season for Femení Sant Adrià after being finalist of Spanish Liga Femenina 2 and with a record of 21 wins in 30 games.

The Catalan center has had a magnificent year as the starting post player of her team and contributing with 11.4 points and 5.4 rebounds per game in 27 minutes.

In the Playoffs Olga Ruano has lead her squad until the final and has been the key contributor for Sant Adrià averaging 9.5 points, 6 rebounds, 1.5 steals and +10.25 efficiency in the four games.

We speak with Olga after finishing this season:

Olga, you have enjoyed a brilliant season in Sant Adrià after finishing as finalist of the Spanish Liga Femenina 2 and have had a solid record of 21 wins in 30 games. What is your impression of this 2015-16 season?

I think that it has been a great season. We have played step by step, without any type of pressure and at the end we have gone really far.

I believe that the key was that we have grown as a team, we have learned, we have stayed together in the difficult moments and in the end we have played with such a high level.

I would love to live again a season like this one. I will never forget it!

On a personal level, you have done a great job contributing with solid stats (11.4 points and 5.4 rebounds per game) and being the starting center of your team. How have you felt on the court?

The truth is that everyday I feel better. I have been already playing with this team for three seasons in a row and adapting to their playing style that is fast and flamboyant. Although I need to say that is not easy, I think that right now I am in my best shape ever and I have achieved find my spot and have a solid role. For me, the best thing is that everyday I learn new stuff and I know that my club trust completely on me.

I believe that I still can learn much more and be a better player for this team.

Your Sant Adrià has returned to the top of the Spanish second division and has returned to play the Playoffs. What is your impression of these Playoffs and how did your team play?

I view the Playoffs in a positive way. I believe that we have done a good job. It is really difficult to reach the Playoffs and even more to reach the Final.

None of us have done it before and it was like a dream come true. Although we lost the Final and finished with a bittersweet feeling, we need to be conscious that we had a great image and the most important thing, we enjoyed those four days so much.

This current year your team has had two new signings, Itziar Llobet and Mireia Vila. How did they adapt to your team and to the League?

Itzi and Mire have given us the boost that we needed it. They are two players with experience in the competition, they are super competitive and since the first moment they contributed to us with so many things.

Furthermore, both of them have integrated to the team perfectly, they have been so involved and have shown their quality in every game that we have played. It has been a lucky thing having them in our team!

Last season your Sant Adrià was one of the newly of the Spanish second division league and in this current year you have reached the Final of the Playoffs. How has this evolution been for your team?

I think that the everyday work was worth it. We are a team that always wants to win and we have never stopped working.

Last season we were so close to reaching the final, being eliminated in the last game. It was the first professional season for some of them and maybe we were too inexperienced.

This current year our target was to reach the Playoffs. The fact that we already had one season in Liga Femenina 2, with the addition of two new players with more experience, helped us to reach the playoffs with two games to spare in the regular season.

Some of Olga Ruano's best actions with Femení Sant Adrià 2015-16 can be watched in the following video:

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