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Nikoloz Tskitishvili: ''I hope to show why i was 5 in draft''

Nikoloz Tskitishvili arrived to Fuenlabrada after several weeks in Georgia, training in Tbilisi with other georgian players seeking their opportunity.


Just three days after his arrival in Madrid surprised everyone with a great performance in his return to the ACB against FC Barcelona with 21 points (6 of 7 in three points shots), 5 rebounds and 2 blocks. The player, however, knows that he is much work ahead of us and regrets that "we have not been able to fight for victory, because we really have been moments where we had our options". He looks calm but then discovered that he was anxious to show everyone what can bring a lot in this ACB League.

What was Nikoloz Tskitishvili from the end of the season in Teramo (Italy) until this time when he joined Fuenlabrada?

At the end of the season in Teramo was clear that this year should be very important to me. I ended up with accurate statistics (10.7 points and 4.6 rebounds) but I think I can do much more and the ACB League is the best place to prove it. Then I was playing with the Georgian National Team the first phase in Eurobasket Division "B" until September 17 and since then was in Tblisi training and waiting for my opportunity to come to Spain. 

What has changed from Nikoloz to be in the NBA from 2002 to now?
I went to the NBA without being in either the major or Slovan Ljubljana in Benetton. However, I believe that everything that I have lived through has helped me improve and mature as a player. I was in the ACB with Cajasol, but certainly I think now I am a more complete player and I hope to demonstrate in Fuenlabrada why I was number 5 of the draft. 

Talking before the Georgian National Team... Every year there are new talents in your country, besides having nationalized as Tyrone Ellis or Shammond Williams, but instead either in class or in training absolute Georgia just be a power. Why?
Yes it is true that we have very good players, some of whom have experience in NBA or ACB, as Vladimir Boisa, Zaza Pachulia or Viktor Sanikidze, or young talents like Giorgi Shermadini (now coaching with Panathinaikos), Nika Metreveli (Siena), or "spanish players" like Giorgi Sharabidze and Tornike Shengelia (Pamesa "B"), Konstantine Tomaradze (UB Sabadell) or Beqa Chikviladze (Peixe Galego), but we don't know how to play as a team, either in absolute or in lower grades. With the absolute inexplicably lost against Sweden and we were not the first in group and I know that U18 and U16 National Team also didn't well this summer, although some players are soon to be professional. 

Returning to the ACB ... what do you expect to have role in Fuenlabrada?
I ask the coach. Help in any way we can: rebound, points, defense ... I want to improve every day and keep learning to become a better player. 

Have you followed the ACB League on your stage in Cajasol?
Yes of course. Each week watching the results and statistics ... 

And the Supermanager ACB, already has a team?
(smiles) No, not yet. I know this is a very popular game in Spain, but you have to know a little more competition to do well there. 

After your debut with FC Barcelona, what do you think about the expectations you've created?
Frankly, although I realize that was a good match for me, I would have changed this debut to get the victory against FC Barcelona. I am here to help the team and surely will be more happy with me if it wins and not only join if I make good individual performances.

You are aware that your last name is difficult to pronounce in Spain ... How do we call it?
(smiles) I think I have said all possible ways to pronounce my last name. However, in the United States always called me "Skita" diminutive of my surname and perhaps it would be a good solution here.

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