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Naiara Díez leads Gernika Bizkaia to Spanish 1st Division

This weekend in the ascent phase of Logroño, Naiara Díez won promotion to the Women's League Bizkaia Gernika, completing a perfect Final Phase, without adding any defeat.

Naiara Díez , accumulated in the Final Phase averaging 10.5 points per game, 5.5 rebounds per game for a score of +9.8 . And being instrumental in his team 's victories in both the regular season and in the ascent phase.

In addition to the Basque team, also amounted to Women's League, the whole CB Al-Qazeres Extremadura winner of the other semifinal and Fundal Alcobendas Madrid finished third.

Taking this opportunity , we wanted to talk to Naiara .

Congratulations on the rise , can you do a little assessment of Gernika season as the team?

Thank you ! The truth is that the season has been brilliant , and he can not finish better. At the beginning of it , we talked about the importance of building a team , slowly , focusing on each game to improve every day and only through hard work would be achieved . We finished the regular season in first place and we go to the stage was a great reward and opportunity we did not want to miss.

We arrived in Logroño to live a dream, enjoy every game, every situation ... knowing the previous work of training we had done to get in the best possible condition ( we must stress the tactical work , physical work, recovery efforts after ... ) .

Physically we have done a magnificent stage trying to be at full intensity forty minutes each game, as our team is based on defending death to leave the opponent in a few points. Regarding the attack , I think we have read it right every defensive situation that we have raised , easy, great ball movement and shooting with confidence , and above all confidence in our partners.

If you ask me what has been the secret of Gernika this year , I'd say this ... be a pineapple , intense work and defend every second, and BELIEVE in ourselves , because if you believe in something ... the end always our dream comes ... and ...has arrived!

And you personally in your back LF2 ?

I enjoyed this season more than ever, since it is a very competitive category ; and if you know which end of the season there is a ascent phase .

Coming to Gernika has been one of the best decisions I ever made because thanks to Mario (only he knows everything has worked ) have personally recovered sensations , I had minutes , I felt important ... and that has made me feel very comfortable . I've also been fortunate to be surrounded by great players and better people .

Can not ask for more.

How does it feel to play two stages of Ascent and win both ?

A real PRIME ! I know how difficult it is to reach a stage of promotion , and harder still to win ... so I am appreciating and enjoying this so much . The environment we live in one phase is amazing, preparations , packed stands, mobilizing hobbies, reunions with former classmates ... Everyone has a special flavor , if you just like me ... the icing on the cake is the promotion.

How was the celebration in town?

The celebration was all out , the town of Gernika has turned to us, notice the warmth of the people when you're walking down the street when they say, "ZORIONAKKK ! " .

On Monday the mayor had reception at City Hall, and when we arrived and saw that the place was full of people to greet us ... it was an incredible and inexplicable feeling , we danced a ' Aurresku " ( typical Basque dance) ...

Just remember , I still I get the creeps , since the image to see all these people from high in the balcony of the City ... no words ...

Full Gernika only can tell ...ESKERRIK ASKOOOO !

This ascent phase also participated ,

Amina Njonkou with Campus Promete that stayed close to getting the promotion square. It achieved an average of 15.5 points per game, 10.3 rebounds for a review of +18.9 .

Mireia Vila with Universitario de Ferrol, with an average of 11 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists to +10.7 valuation. In the game against Campus Promete Mireia Vila scored 20 points (with 4/8 shooting from three) and dished 5 assists, for a review of +18 .

Itziar Llobet, also with Universitario de Ferrol, averaging 4.3 points, 2 rebounds, 2.3 assists, to +5.3 valuation in 16 minutes per game.

Yaiza García with Duran Maquinaria Ensino, averaging 12.3 points, 6.7 rebounds to 10.7 valuation.

Against CB Al-Qazeres the opener scored 19 points, grabbed 12 rebounds for a review of +22, the second match against Gernika Bizkaia scored 14 points, and the last day with physical problems could not play the game in perfect condition.

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