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Naiara Díez: I´m very proud of all the hard work with Gernika

Spanish shooting guard Naiara Díez faces with Bizkaia Gernika the last two games of a season in which her club has been brilliantly fighting to qualify for the playoffs for the title, reaching a 12 win 7 losses record just a few weeks ago.

Naiara Díez has averaged 4.5 points in 19 minutes per game, scoring 24 three points in 24 games and providing her usual intensity, dedication and scoring threat in her seventh season in Liga Femenina after helping Gernika last season to move to 1st division averaging 14.2 poins 5.5 rebounds and +12.7 efficiency per game.

It has certainly been a historical season for both Gernika Bizkaia and Naiara after not suffering at all during the year to stay in Spanish top division.

We spoke with Naiara Díez:

After the game last Saturday subtract two match to finish the regular season. Os is playing with Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre (with which you fight for fifth place) and the Mann Filter you need one more victory to definitely guaranteed permanence. How do you face in Gernika these two tough games?

We face matches eager to win. We took a last meetings in which we are not playing at our level and we want to finish the season with good feelings.

The match against Bembibre will be a tough game where you have to fight hard. They have a great team, as reflected in the rankings. Also be our last game of the season at home, and what better way to thank our fans all their support with a victory.

The match against Mann Filter will be an exciting match because we face a great team with young players, high quality and have been showing lately. For us it will be our last game of the season and of course we will win.

These last days have been a bit complicated since you have been close to classify for the playoffs for the title but eventually the úlitmos results have you out to get the big prize. However, your season can only be described as outstanding have given it a very high standard throughout the competition. What do you think about the latter part of the season?

All season have been in the top positions of the classification and that is thanks to the fruit of work well done.

However, the party that we lost at home against La Seu was key and we could not win despite having the last shot to do so. That was the turning point for our real options playoff faded a lot.
Still for us. we are a newly promoted club, being in the top six is ​​a success.

Clearly this season have proven to be some of the hardest to beat rivals. Proof of this is the sixth position you occupy with a record of 12 wins and 12 losses. What value do it this season so far?

It has been a very good season. Perhaps the icing had been the playoffs but still have competed and done great basketball whenever we come to the track.

With regard to the remaining two games of the season we will try to win and stay with the good taste we've had all year.
After classification will look to see the fruits of a job well done, both by the club in his first year in women's league as part of the whole team.

Personally, this is your second season at the club and your second year with Mario Lopez as coach. What things Mario asks you to contribute to the team and what affects more details you need to improve? What do you think you've brought you to Gernika in the second year together?

Gernika has become my second home and I am very happy in the village and equipment.

Mario only asks me to be myself, who enjoy on the court for the minutes that dispute and do what is done, ie be intense, defend and pull shots arriving me.

In terms of areas for improvement, I know I still have many things like optimizing the boat, play better direct blocks, readings, passes and many other aspects. Even my virtues can and must improve and work every day to do so.

Finally, this second year has given me great stability. I have improved in many aspects of the game and especially I enjoyed every practice and game with my team. Also, having the support of all the fans and all the kids that continue to cheer at no time is absolutely amazing.

I can only conclude by saying, ESKERRIK ASKO!

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