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Miriam Forasté extends her contract in Universidad del País Vasco

The young power forward Catalan Míriam Forasté has renewed its contract with the Universidad del País Vasco of Azu Muguruza after two brilliant years that has been a key element in the promotion to Women's League (2012-13) and the consolidation of the club the same competition (2013-14) .

Míriam Forasté coming off a season in which he averaged 12.2 points, 5.7 rebounds, 3.6 fouls and +12.8 efficiency and has proved one of the best "four" of the competition.

Then Míriam Forasté talks about his season and its renewal:

How do you rate Gipuzkoa UPV season in his first year in Spanish Women's League?

I think we've done a very good job. We have accomplished our main goal was to stay in the category and besides that have competed in every game even with the top teams, which no one would have expected at first.

And your personally season in the Women's League return?

My situation this year was quite different from the past two seasons in Spanish Women's League. Since last year here I had the confidence to feel important within the team, and this year the same way I tried to contribute as much to the team in every game and I'm pretty happy with it.

Azu Muguruza spent many years at the club and successfully managing the first team. What is your relationship with her and what has contributed to the good season GIPUZKOA UPV in Spanish Women's League?

I think maybe that's one of the key aspects of this team and the club and the good and the close relationship between players, coaches and everyone else directive , etc. . , In the end we felt like family.

What led you to renew Universidad del País Vasco in which will be a third season?

Well, as I have said many times, I've been very happy two years and I like the idea of going back the same players to compete again for the same goals, with the advantages that may be carrying another year together.

Been a few weeks ago in the LF-LF2 Challenge, do you see a possible call from the Spanish team in the future?

I guess all we were there we would get that call someday. I think it's not easy and there are many players to follow, but for me I will continue to work for this or what comes.

You can see a Míriam Forasté game this season with Gipuzkoa UPV at Alimentos de Zamora, in which scores 20 points, 7 rebounds, +24 efficiency:

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