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Mireia Vila scored 20 crucial points to give Uni Ferrol the win in Zaragoza

Catalan guard  Mireia Vila has ben crucial with 20 points (6/8 three pointers) and +23 efficiency in the key game to avoid relegation that her team, Star-Center Uni Ferrol has won in the tough court of Mann Filter, 62 to 69.

International small forward Belen Arrojo brought to the table her usual fighting spirit to finish the game with 10 points and 4 rebounds.

With this win, Itziar Llobet and Mireia Vila´s Uni Ferrol has seven wins while Belén Arrojo and Ani Calvo´s mann filter has five.

Uni Ferrol arrived Sunday at Stadium Casablanca with a negative streak of three straight losses that was interrupted by the Queen´s Cup break and with the expectations of getting the win against Mann Filter and stay far from the relegation

Once that the game started it was clear that it would be quite equal even Mann Filter managed to open a 10 point lead quite soon.

However, Uni Ferrol led by Cristina Pedrals and Mireia Vila (14 points with 4 threes in the first half) hammered
the "maño" rim before reaching half time with 3 points deficit (42-39).

Uni Ferrol´s defense, teamwork and effectiveness allowed them to lead at the end of the third quarter (50-54) and when it seemed that the win would be for the Galician team, Mann Filter counterattacked and tied the game (60-60) with just 4 minutes to play.

Mireia Vila y Cristina Pedrals estuvieron más acertadas y con un parcial de 2-9 dejaron el partido sentenciado con el 62-69 final. ">Once again Mireia Vila and Cristina Pedrals´s team managed to overcome the difficulties and with a final 2-9 run got the valuable win.

"The key to the game was team play," Mireia Vila said.

"Today I had space and shooting options and fortunately I've been successful and I was able to help my team to get the seventh
win in Liga Femenina "

The effectiveness of Vila and Pedrals and a clear game strategy were key to win the game.

The catalan shooter also said that "in the second half we have been more active, knowing that if we stopped their scoring, mainly from their best players, it would be easier the path to get the victory".

This victory places Uni Ferrol in a "comfort zone" with three wins over the teams in the relegation area, with just seven games to play.

"We have had some bad games" concluded Mireia Vila, "but the team is training well and we knew that approaching the game with a positive attitude and with hard work would make us successful."

You can watch the game in the following video:

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