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Melissa D'Amico signs with Regeneracom (+Video)

Melissa D'Amico is a 1,95m american center who after shining in High School was recruited by Notre Dame. After her four years at college, Melissa started her european career,averaging 12 points and 9,9 rebounds for Caceres in the 2010-11 season.

Melissa´s career started at William Floyd High School, where she averaged 16,8 points 9,1 rebounds and 3,5 blocks as junior and 20,7 points per game as senior.

Once she finished High School, Melissa recieved a scholarship at Notre Dame University, having her best performance in the 2006-07 season as a junior player, when she averaged 8 points 4,6 rebounds and 1 block in 20 minutes per game.

Melissa D'Amico started her profesional career in the 2008-09 season, playing for Grupo Marsol Conquero, in Spanish 2nd division and averaging 12,8 points 8,2 rebounds and 14,4 in efficiency in regular season and 17,3 points 12,3 rebounds 6,3 recieved fouls and 28,3 in efficiency in the Playoffs.

Melissa signed in the same competition with Cáceres in the 2009-10 season, averaging 12,5 points 7,8 rebounds and 15,3 in efficiency in League and 18 points 9 rebounds and 27 in efficiency in the Playoffs.

After starting the 2010-11 season in China, Melissa returned to Cáceres to play the second half of the season, averaging 12 points 9,9 rebounds and 13,4 in efficiency per game.

Melissa is a center who can play in the low post but who also has a nice shooting touch from mid distance.  She is also a defensive presence.


2002-03: William Floyd High School: 16.8ppg 9.1rpg 3.5bpg

2003-04: William Floyd High School: 20.7ppg

2004-05: Notre Dame (NCAA-D1): 1.9ppg 1.4rpg in 6min

2005-06: Notre Dame (NCAA-D1): 5.9ppg 3.7rpg in 18min

2006-07: Notre Dame (NCAA-D1): 8ppg 4.6rpg in 20min

2007-08: Notre Dame (NCAA-D1): 2.8ppg 2rpg in 8min

2008-09: Conquero (Spain-LF2): 12.8ppg 8.2rpg 14.4 efficiency     Playoffs: 17.3ppg 12.3rpg 6.3fr 28.3val

2009-10: Caceres (Spain-LF2): 12.5ppg 7.8rpg 15.3 efficiency      Playoffs: 18ppg 9rpg 27val

2010-11: China;  Conquero (Spain-LF2): 12ppg 9.9rpg 13.4val

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