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Marlou De Kleijn extends one more season with Cadi La Seu

The Dutch forward 22 years Marlou De Kleijn has renewed its contract with the Cadi La Seu for next season 2014/15, which will play its third year with the Catalan club in Women's League.

Marlou De Kleijn must be one of the important players in the team play outside after going better every season he's been on the team, averaging 7.8 points and the latter 6.9 Valuation in 23 minutes per game.

This summer for the Netherlands, Marlou De Kleijn participated in the qualifying round for the 2015 European where he averaged 8 points per game.

You can get to know Marlou De Kleijn watching the video below with some of the best actions of the 2013-14 season:

Marlou De Kleijn played with  CTO Amsterdam in the 2010-11 season, averaging 11,3 points and 4,4 rebounds per game in Dutch League with 58,6% from the field and 58,8% in three pointers.

Marlou De Kleijn stayed in the same team in the 2011-12 season averaging 12.3 points and 3,7 rebounds per game before signing with Palacio de Congresos Ibiza in Christmas.

In Ibiza, Marlou De Kleijn was one of the rising stars in Spanish 1st division, shining with 20 points and 5 rebounds against Gran Canaria,  19 points against  Caja Rural Zamora, 16 points and 5 rebounds against Navarra and  15 points and 5 rebounds and 14 points in the two games against Hondarribia Irún.

Marlou De Kleijn has also played for the different dutch national teams, averaging 10,8 points and 6 rebounds in the 2009 U18 European Championship and 12,1 points and 6,7 rebounds in the Silver Medal in the U18 2010 European Championship.

From 2011, Marlou De Kleijn has been a member of the Dutch Senior National Team, playing also the U20 European Championship in 2011.

Marlou De Kleijn is a versatile 2-3 player with very good athleticism and game reading.

She has explosive 1 on 1 and also is a good low post player.

Her youth, self-confidence and will to improve predict a very interesting future.

In the 2012-13 season, Marlou De Kleijn signs with Cadí ICG Software, finishing the Spanish 1st division in fourth position and averaging 3.5 points in 14 minutes in regular season and 4.8 points and 5 efficiency in playoffs.

Marlou De Kleijn stayed in Cadí during the 2013-14 showing great progress and averaging 7.8 points and 6.9 efficiency in 23 minutes per game with 44% from the field and 38% in three pointers.


2010-11 CTO Amsterdam (Netherlands-D1): 11.3ppg 4.4rpg

2011-12 CTO Amsterdam (Netherlands-D1): 12.3ppg 3.7rpg 3.1apg 2.1spg 

2011-12 Palacio de Congresos Ibiza (Spain-LF1): 9.9ppg 4.1rpg

2012-13 Cadí ICG Software (Spain-LF1): Regular season: 3.5ppg in 14min / Playoffs: 4.8ppg 5eff

2013-14 Cadí ICG Software (Spain-LF1): 7.8ppg 6.9eff in 23min  44%FG  38%T3


National Team U18 - 09,10

European Championship U18 - 09

Silver Medal in U18 European Championship - 10

Second Team U18 European Championship  - 10

Dutch National Team - 11

U20 European Championship - 11

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